Mike Glenn

Mike is the founder and publisher of Save Newport and Chair of Government Relations for the Elks Lodge. He writes, shoots photos, and edits, but much of the time, he's just "the IT guy". He can be reached at: Google+, Facebook, or via email, at michael.glenn@devion.com

No plans on Friday? How about Cruiser’s Second Annual Casino Night?

Most everybody knows the building of Cruisers if they haven’t been to Cruisers itself.  The old Shorehouse, the old Dillmans– that same feisty spunk is alive and well in the pizza-slinging joint famous for it’s copper-topped “circle bar” and it’s outside beach-themed game patio. And tonight, it is kicking everything up a notch with a full-blown Casino Night. From poker …

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Sol Grill has Re-Opened… on PCH!

Sol Grill has departed their original location which they had for 20 years and has opened their second location on PCH– the new place is still has family-friendly funky vibes that was so fun and familiar the old digs, but this time, they have nearly double the seating capacity. The most important thing?  Their filet-mignon meatballs are still as delicious …

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BREAKING: Bank Robbery on Eastbluff

About 2:20pm, the Bank of America on eastbluff near the Ralph’s shopping center was robbed. At the time of this posting we have been informed that the bank robber is still on the loose. This post will be updated with information as it is received.

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The Bay has Seen a Flurry of Fish Jumping This Year… Here’s Why

If you think the jumping fish this year in our harbor have been particularly active… you aren’t alone! Most people know that fish typically jump out of the water when being chased by prey.  This reaction also jump when they sense something is wrong– earthquakes, boats that start up unexpectedly nearby, or even to knock that barnacle off their side. …

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Blackies 12th Annual Surf Competition Photos

Photo of Jarred Olson by Tom Cozad

This year’s news has been non-stop during the last month, and two weeks ago I didn’t get a chance to post about the attendees to 12th Annual Blackies Surf Competition. Officially-unofficially, the kickoff starts at 7am on the Saturday before Halloween each year, but many people arrive about 30 minutes earlier for the festivities and costume show-offs. Want to see …

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Happy Veterans Day!

Veterans Day

Yesterday the Marines may have gotten their day, but today is dedicated to all veterans.  In fact, if you are a vet, many companies would like to honor you on this day dedicated to you and your service.  Here are a few nationally recognized names, and their attempt at giving back: • Get a free haircut. Veterans who visit Great …

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Record-setting Turnout in the Polls!


With 664,915 ballots counted and 419,956 (estimated) left to count, we have got a real nail-biter on our hands for some of the county’s key races.  With a huge turnout– comprised of a surge in women and younger voters– some of these races could change as the votes are counted. These ballots are: Vote-By-Mail ballots which were turned in at the polls …

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We Ran an Amazing, Respectable Campaign!

Election Results

Dixon really showed her true self this campaign season. From the hit piece filled with lies to the video of her saying “I vote for what is best for me” to the way she treated the man whose 8 year old son was killed by a contracted trash truck to her rambling Facebook videos that seemed to have no actual …

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TODAY is Voting Day!  This is the last day to vote to SAVE DOG BEACH, and we hear it will be a close one. Please vote for MIKE GLENN and to DUMP DIXON (see her atrocious voting record, here: www.dumpdixon.com) Share this with your friends to make sure they know where to turn in a ballot. YOUR VOTING LOCATION MAY HAVE …

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Newport Beach Assn. Of Realtors endorses Mike Glenn

Tag a real estate agent friend! I am proud to receive the unanimous endorsement up the Newport Beach Association of Realtors!   After my opponent: 1) voted to seize 850 docks in Newport Beach with the dock tax 2) advocated the theft of property rights by city government to shut down all the bars and restaurants on Balboa Peninsula at …

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