Christmas on Balboa Island
Christmas on Balboa Island

Merry Christmas from the Entire SaveNewport Team!

Christmas time is upon us!

Normally, we do a post every year about which restaurants are open for those who don’t have families, or for those whose families don’t trust their cooking abilities. This year is a bit different. While many restaurants are open, we don’t feel it is right to make an easy “kill list” for government officials to use against open businesses trying to stay alive.

We are in the middle of a pandemic, and while everyone should take it seriously, the state government has gone completely rogue and is clearly wilfully violating the CA Constitution and the US Constitution in the name of protecting the public– even while top politicians ignore their very own orders.

So this year, sadly, for the first year since we started, we are not morally able to provide a list of open establishments.

There are plenty of groups on Facebook and threads on Twitter which list the businesses. Last year, we wrote an article that listed a few of them. The old list, which is not relevant to today’s world, is archived here:

This Christmas, wash your hands, don’t point your exhaust directly at people while talking, and try to stay 6 feet apart when possible. And for God’s sake, if you are feeling even a little bit sick– stay home.

From all of us at SaveNewport: Have a safe, fun, and joy-filled Merry Christmas, and enjoy this photo from Balboa Island back in the 1950s– 70 years ago!  Like a time capsule to a more free period in time, Balboa Island still retains much of the same charm.  And so does Balboa Peninsula… If you know what we mean 🙂



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