Panga Boat: Immigration Bust on Balboa Peninsula

On Saturday at 4:48pm, a panga boat made a stop at a private dock towards The Wedge between the 1200 block and 1500 block of Balboa Blvd and 12 people poured out into the streets.

A phone call was made to the NBPD who responded with the code “ASSIST OUTSIDE AGENCY”, and six of the twelve people were found and arrested on illegal immigration charges.

Some reports indicate up to 25 individuals exited the panga boat, but the video shows only 12, here:

The OC Sheriff was the first on the scene, assisted by the Coast Guard.

There have been reports that some were armed, and other unconfirmed reports that the individuals were “smuggling guns”, however, smuggling guns from Mexico into the United States runs contrary to the direction of normal gun trafficking.




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