Mike Glenn

Mike is the founder and publisher of Save Newport and Chair of Government Relations for the Elks Lodge. He writes, shoots photos, and edits, but much of the time, he's just "the IT guy". He can be reached at: Google+, Facebook, or via email, at michael.glenn@devion.com

Balboa Island Fulfills Stereotype, Puts Fake Signs Up To Keep Out Visitors

This weekend, the sign at the north side of the bridge entrance to Balboa Island was altered to say: “RESIDENT PARKING ONLY- STAY SAFE AT HOME WEAR A MASK” However, the people who maintain this sign are private citizens– not the City of Newport Beach– and therefore have no authority to close parking to non-residents. By doing so, they not …

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Two Boat Parades for 4th of July, Flooding Throughout Peninsula, Closed Bars, Closed Beaches

Today, starting at 11am, there will be a boat parade celebrating the current President of the United States. Following that, there will be the “Old Glory Boat Parade” by the American Legion Yacht Club at 1pm. The beaches appear to be open as of this morning– although that could change at any time on this day that we celebrate our …

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OC Health Closes Bars, Tonight at Midnight

UPDATE: At the same time this was being written by edict of OC Health– State Governor Gavin Newsom came out and banned all restaurants again, also– statewide. —- If your favorite watering hole doesn’t serve food– then tonight at 12:01am, they will be forced to close by the directive of Orange County Health (linked here: https://twitter.com/ochealth/status/1278389824114667520). “Effective 12:01 a.m. on …

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Original Pizza 2 is Closing (and Anchor Bar), Just 3 Years After OP1 Closed

We all remember the epic going-away party for a favorite pizza joint on the peninsula that spanned generations.  Yes, as Original Pizza 1 gave way to Taco Bell remodeling and reopening in their peninsula location, all eyes moved to Original Pizza 2, at 2675 Irvine Ave D, Costa Mesa, CA 92627– right by the Irvine Ranch Market near the Golf Course. OP2– …

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Newport’s 4th of July: No Fireworks This Year (And Everything Else to Know)

You’ll probably want to share this comprehensive post with your friends– the 4th of July is just one week away! This year, fireworks were cancelled by the city of Newport Beach, and therefore the Back Bay celebration, too.  But from the sounds of the evenings, citizens are well-stocked enough to be able to launch their own fireworks shows at the traditional …

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Fundraiser for Newport Beach Jr Guards– Today!

The NBJG, once-cancelled due to SARS-CoV-2, now-restored, cannot be done under normal budget constraints.  So Newport Beach business stepped up to the plate– specifically, the Helmsman Ale House. Organized by Councilman Kevin Muldoon and the owners of Helmsman Ale House (try the Reaper Burger, spice lovers!), the Helmsman has volunteered to donate *all profits* from 5pm to 8pm to help …

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Who’s The New Guy? Billionaire Dennis Washington.

Attessa III by Kevin at socalsnapz

Billionaire Dennis Washington recently took up the “Invictus Spot” over by Lido Isle, shortly after the mooring balls were re-placed there, bearing the name “Invictus” on June 19th, spotted by SaveNewporter Ryan Gee. The occupying force?  The Attessa III, a 203 foot beauty– not to be confused with the Attessa IV (which comes in at an eye-popping 332ft); Newport doesn’t even have …

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Car Chase with Spike Strips and Tasers, Ends on Balboa Peninsula

Yesterday, in broad daylight at about 6:30pm, there was a high-speed-chase that turned into a low-speed-chase when led the driver down Balboa Peninsula.  As the driver pushed her car all the way to the Wedge, she had to turn around again to get out at the worlds-best-definition of a “dead end”, but this time, the police were ready for her.  …

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Shamrock Re-Opening, Thanks to Local Help!

Please, give this post a like and a share and help out one of our most beloved local businesses. The iconic Shamrock– the Irish-pub located on PCH– announced its closing on Friday, May 15th.  This news sent shockwaves through the community, as the Shamrock has become an unintentional reminder– and preserver– of the “good ole days” to many in Newport. …

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Masks are Back– And This Time, It’s Statewide

Masks Required

Fresh off the OC Health Board rescinding their mask requirement, California Governor Gavin Newsom has issued his own. Right after a judge temporarily blocked his mail-all-ballots-to-everyone order, Gavin Newsom– and just two days before summertime– Newsom has mandated masks to be worn, statewide.  When will masks be worn?  Anytime you are in California and you find yourself in one of the …

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