Recent Earthquakes

List of recent earthquakes in our region:


If there is a significant earthquake, the Facebook Safety Check will be activated– use that here to let your loved ones know you’re safe:
For more information about how to be prepared, check out our award-winning Civilian Emergency Response Team, CERT.  Large map here.

Information live-sourced from CalTech, below:


How big is a quake?  You can generally tell just by the shaking time!

Time Magnitude
1s <4
2s ~4
5s ~5
15s ~6.6
30s ~7.4
1m ~7.9
2m ~8.3
3m ~8.8
4m >9


If you would like to check out the local monitoring stations, the closest ones to Newport are:

Inspiration Point
Laguna Bell
MacArthur Park
Catalina Island Airport
Palos Verdes
Sam W. Stewart

The live-data is provided at