Who is Open for Thanksgiving? These Establishments Are!

For those who don’t have family out here or are simply unable to join them, here are a list of establishments to get yo turkey on today:
First, for everyone off to an early start, C’est si Bon is open in the morning– until 1:45pm

  1. Blackies.  Their annual “Gettin Wasted While Your Turkey is Basted” is fun for the single people out there, and they usually have quite the spread available for patrons as well.  This is their 22nd year in operation!  Happy 22nd, and thanks to Doug Rugg for starting it!  EDIT: I have been informed that this event has been officially cancelled this year.  But you should still head down for the fun 🙂
  2. Woody’s Wharf is pretty happening on Turkey Day, with a beautiful view and a pre-arranged Thanksgiving menu.
  3. Class of ’47— A place open every day of the year.  I am told that Class of ’47 usually has a Thanksgiving potluck, but every year is different since it is put on by patrons instead of the establishment itself.
  4. Cruisers is open from 9am to 1am, if you want a sports-focused establishment to watch the famous Thanksgiving Football in– and their outdoor patio is outstanding
  5. Cabo Cantina: beautiful beachfront views and a place to enjoy your meals and/or drinks
  6. Dory Deli is open 7am to noon for coffee and breakfast.
  7. Malarky’s Irish Pub opens at 7:30am and will be serving breakfast and lunch.
  8. Stag Bar & Grill, as always, will be open starting at 8am for “cocktails and dreams”, as they say

Looking for something a bit fancier?  Check out our list from last year!  https://savenewport.com/2019/11/27/who-is-open-for-thanksgiving-these-establishments-are/



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