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Scott Peotter Recall Comes Up Short– for now

Peotter - Newport Beach Indy - Photo by Christopher Trela

First, last night in Newport Council Chambers, Duffy Duffield was elected to succeed Kevin Muldoon as mayor, and Will O’Neill was elected to Mayor Pro Tem (basically a vice-mayor).  Congrats to them! Now, in news that shocked nearly everyone, the Scott Peotter recall– which filed recall paperwork on Nov 2nd— fell short by 106 signatures from the required 8,445, showing a rejection …

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Geminid’s Meteor Shower Peaks — Best Show of the Year!

Meteor Shower

The morning of December 14th (night of the 13th) will begin the peak night to watch the Leonids meteor shower, which officially started on the 6th and lasts until the 30th of November.  The moon’s phase will be just a sliver and will rise at 3:33am– right as the meteor shower begins to peak– giving this meteor shower prime visibility. Maximum …

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12th Annual Newport Santa Pub Crawl on Saturday

Have you ever seen a mass of HUNDREDS of Santa’s drinking beer?  Well on tomorrow on Saturday December 9th, you can!  Santa Crawl is open to everyone over 21 years old– and if you can come in a Mr or Mrs Santa Suit, you’ll fit right in!  Other holiday costumes are also more than welcome, of course!  If you don’t …

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Throwback: Queen Mary’s Final Voyage

Fifty years ago, on December 9th, 1967 The Majestic Queen Mary steams past Newport Beach towards her permanent dock at Long Beach, CA. It was estimated that over one million people saw the Queen on the final leg of her farewell voyage from Southhampton, England. She still sits in Long Beach to this day as a hotel and museum.  This …

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Boat Parade Coming– NOTE Altered Schedule!

Boat Parade by Randy Seton

It’s time for the 109th Christmas Boat Parade!  Starting on Wednesday, December 13th through Sunday, December 17th. With fireworks on the first and last days. PLEASE TAKE NOTE for those who throw Boat Parade Parties, this year will have significant changes to the schedule, and in some cases could delay your viewing time by hours.  Instead of beginning at Bay Island as has been …

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CdM Christmas Walk Sunday!

Sunday is the 39th Annual Christmas Walk in Corona del Mar!  It is FREE to the public and offers live entertainment, food, prizes and games in the true holiday spirit! Festivities include: Corona del Mar merchant promotions throughout Corona del Mar’s Business District Live Entertainment with signature bands in strategic locations The popular Fireman’s Grill BBQ provided by the NB …

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King Tides Start Friday, and Peak Sunday/Monday

Photo of a King Tide by Matthew Zamiska

King Tides are coming to Newport Beach, bringing the highest tides of the entire year. So far, our largest tides have measured 6ft 9.6inchess (above 0.0ft — standard sealevel).  This coming Sunday and Monday, they will be 6feet, 8 inches.  While less than our historical highs, this could breach some areas of our seawall, causing flooding, or send docks floating off of …

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Time to Toss That Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving is always great, and the leftovers leave us stuffed for days afterwards, but Thanksgiving can’t last forever, and unless you enjoy food poisoning, any leftovers in your fridge from Thanksgiving should probably be thrown out now.  According to StillTasty, a website dedicated to cataloging shelf-life for foods, that leftover turkey has got to go!  Here’s a handy chart to …

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Country Club to Open At Location of old Pierce Street Annex

For the last several months, the Country Club (think “golf club”, not “country music”), has been testing out its kitchens, bar staff, and meals in relentless private events to ensure a solid opening.  As the much-loved Pierce Street Annex closed earlier this year due being in dire need of renovations, the new Country Club has answered that calling in spades, offering up an …

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Who is Open for Thanksgiving?

For those who don’t have family out here or are simply unable to join them, here are a list of establishments to get yo turkey on today: Blackies.  Their annual “Gettin Wasted While Your Turkey is Basted” is fun for the single people out there, and they usually have quite the spread available for patrons as well. Dory Deli is open 7am to …

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