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DUI Checks on St Patricks Day

The Newport Beach Police Department Traffic Unit will be conducting DUI Saturation Patrols for the St. Patricks Day Weekend, from Friday at 6pm through Sunday at 6pm throughout the city of Newport Beach– so be prepared for traffic delays. DUI Saturation Patrols are claimed to reduce drunk driving mostly by deterrent, but also serve to actively arrest those who are driving …

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Don’t Forget: “Spring Forward” on Sunday!

Daylight Saving Spring Forward

Remember that Sunday morning we set our clocks FORWARD by one hour, so that 2am-2:59am never even happens that day, and one minute after 1:59am turns into 3:00am Daylight savings was invented to save on energy costs, particularly in old factories.  By slightly adjusting the clock to account for the changes in the sunrise and sunset times, employers were able to save money …

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Council Binge-Spends Over $8m in Construction Costs for a Single Building

Last Tuesday, the Newport Council voted to $8.3m of taxpayer money in construction costs for a single building, made to house a library and firestation in CdM which are both already built and functioning.  The fire station is being rebuilt because fire trucks have grown in size over the last 50 years and can no longer fit in the parking structure, …

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Beach Cleanup: Sunday March 11th

Next Sunday, Dory Deli will be doing a beach cleanup event near the Newport Pier next to Tower 22.  The original beach Dory Deli cleanup started shortly after their opening, and was on Jan 9th back in 2016, and they all have seen great success. In addition to the normal littering kooks that frequent the beaches, as the winter rains wash trash down …

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Balboa Peninsula’s Second Annual Cystic Fibrosis Bar Crawl Fundraiser

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Bar Crawl

If you are looking for a good cause to help you celebrate this winter season on Balboa Peninsula, look no further: The second annual Winter Bar Crawl for a Cause is happening Feb. 24. All proceeds from the event directly benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Orange County (CFF OC). Tickets are $20 in advance ($10 for additional raffle tickets) …

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Boat Auction on Friday Morning!

Boat Auction

Get your “new-to-you” boat here– for cheap!  On Friday, February 16th, 2018 starting at 8am until 9am, you can view the boats to be auctioned at 9am by the Orange County Sheriff Harbor Patrol. Minimum bids vary with each vessel, but this is a CASH ONLY event, so bring cash, as payment is immediately due after the auction. The address for the event is: 1901 Bayside Drive …

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Sewage Spill Contaminates Back Bay Inlet

A sewage spill has closed the inlet to the Back Bay under the PCH bridge from Pearson’s Port to the edge of the Bayshore community docks. While boats may still traverse, swimming, diving, and any other direct-contact activities. In an odd coincidence, nearly all water near bridges is currently contaminated in our harbor, including the Newport Blvd bridge, the Bay Island …

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Newport Beach Political Fundraising Data Released

As the political scene for 2018 heats up, political figures and PACs throughout our city are heating up. NOTE: At this time, I have NO PLANS to run in 2018, so if anyone who lives in District 1 wants to file against Diane Dixon, just let me know.  Currently, Joe Stapleton has a campaign for the area but has conducted fundraisers …

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Beloved Newport Businessman Identified as Crash Victim, Paddleout Planned for Saturday

Three days ago, a helicopter crashed in Newport Beach, killing three people including Kimberly Lynne Watzman, 45, of Santa Monica Brian Reichelt, 56, of Hollywood, FL, and Joseph “Pepe” Anthony Tena, 60,  of Newport Beach.  Another passenger and a citizen on the ground were also injured and remain in the hospital. Spitzer Helicopter Leasing, said they leased the R44 to Revolution Aviation, …

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Sunday “Big Game” DUI Saturation Patrol by NBPD

Since we aren’t allowed to say “Superbowl”, we’ll just call it “The Big Game”– but drinking and driving is not a game, so the NBPD wants to remind everyone not to drink and drive.  They will be deploying additional officers on DUI Saturation Patrols during and following Sunday’s game. These officers will be tasked with stopping and arresting drivers who show signs …

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