It’s Official: The Boat Parade is Happening!

No, the Boat Parade is not cancelled.  In fact, it sounds like there are *several groups* doing the boat parade this year after the Chamber of Commerce decided they would drop out of marketing the event.  This is not a list for any single one of the groups, but a conglomerate list from all the groups that we have been informed are putting something together, so that everyone is on the same page.

The boat parade will go on as previously scheduled, from Dec 16th to Dec 20th, from 6:30pm to 9pm each night, on the route pictured in the photo above and below– the same route as last year.

There is a very large “Big Boat” group who will be participating Thursday, Friday, and Saturday– so expect that to be the most impressive.

The gathering point on the tip of Lido Isle will be headed by two of Newport’s round Tiki Boats, providing an easy-visual on where to begin lineup.  These tiki boats are not fast enough to keep up, so they will move to the sides to allow other boats to sail through the middle of them.

Prizes are offered for five categories:


Each of these prizes are worth several hundred dollars already, and growing quickly.

If you own a local business and would like to donate prizes, please contact us at so we can help promote your business as you promote the Christmas Parade!  List of prizes and official voting page coming tomorrow.

To sign up for a boat number (or just to get on the email list), click here:

All of us at SaveNewport are excited to see this coming through to fruition, and looking forward to seeing who the public thinks is should win the best boat prizes! 🙂

Stay SAFE, have FUN, and– see ya on the water!



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