Duffy/Stoaks Recount Ends

After about a week of recounting, the Duffy/Stoaks Recount team was unable to turn up a single vote to be flipped.  This speaks volumes for our vote-count integrity in Orange County, done by the Registrar of Voters. The group doing the recount has not replied to our emails, but Tim Stoaks, who missed the win by a mere 36 votes, …

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Boat Parade Begins Tomorrow at 6pm — NOTE Altered Schedule!

Boat Parade 2013, by Mike Glenn

It’s time for the 110th Christmas Boat Parade!  Starting on Wednesday, December 19th through Sunday, December 23rd. With fireworks on the first and last days.  FOR THOSE WITH PETS IN THE AREA: Please make sure they are safe during the fireworks, as they are sensitive to loud noises by a crowded beach– and, of course, the fireworks. PLEASE TAKE NOTE for those …

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Duffy/Stoaks Recount Halted… For Now

On Friday, the people pushing for the historically close Duffy/Stoaks election (which was decided by just 36 votes) temporarily halted the recount. There were a number of reasons this could have been, but most seemed to revolve around money. The organizer, Susan Skinner, told the Daily Pilot that she was going to check with the recount status on Tuesday to …

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Diane Dixon Appointed as Mayor by Council

Dixon Budget

As many of you know, the mayor of Newport Beach is very much a ceremonial position, and contains no actual power. The position somewhat rotates through the council people, and every year in December the council appoints one of themselves to be the member with the title of mayor, and another one of themselves as mayor pro-tem.  Generally speaking, the …

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Ballot Recount Starts Today

As the ballots were being counted for 3 weeks after the election, it appeared that our Mayor Duffy Duffield had been unseated.  In the final weeks, the ballots counted gave a serious plot twist: Tim Stoaks lost his lead and Duffy began to win.  When the dust settled, Duffy won by 36 votes. Every vote matters, guys. Supporters of Stoaks …

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Newport’s 13th Annual Charity Santa Pub Crawl on Saturday

Have you ever seen a mass of HUNDREDS of Santa’s drinking beer?  Well on Saturday December 8th, you can!  Santa Crawl is open to everyone over 21 years old– and if you can come in a Mr or Mrs Santa Suit, you’ll fit right in!  Other holiday costumes are also more than welcome, of course! If you don’t already have …

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Final Election Results are In!

Election Results

Friday, the Registrar of Voters officially ended the vote count, having counted all votes from Provisional Ballots, Conditional Ballots, election day Paper Ballots, in-poll ballot results, and various forms of Vote by Mail– and what a whopper of results they were! The Registrar of Voters stated: “Total turnout from the election was 71% with 44.2% of voters casting their ballot by …

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Urban Runoff Makes Water Unsafe for next 3 days

Ocean Composite Warning

We just got our first big seasonal rain!  While these showers were a much-needed water for our area, it also presents a problem: urban runoff and bacterial water infestations– especially the first rain of the season– what is often called the “first flush”– these are bigger concerns than a normal rain watershed. As the chemicals wash off into the ocean and the storm …

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Bank Robbery– do you know this man or truck?

The Newport Beach Police Department is seeking a suspect and any possible witnesses for an attempted bank robbery investigation. We broke the story just moments after the crime occurred the crime occurred on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at approximately 1:35 p.m. at the Bank of America in Eastbluff Village Center (2501 Eastbluff Drive). According to statements received by the NBPD, …

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The Catalina Flyer is out of Service For the Rest of the Year

It’s OFFICIAL The Catalina Flyer will not run to Catalina Island/Avalon again until March 1, 2019 Also, for the first time ever, they will not have any Christmas Boat Parade cruises this year either (December 19th-23rd) The boat, which broke down on October 9th, normally runs into December 2nd, but the company had Harbor Deisel pull out their gear box …

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