Mike Glenn

Mike is the founder and publisher of Save Newport and Chair of Government Relations for the Elks Lodge. He writes, shoots photos, and edits, but much of the time, he's just "the IT guy". He can be reached at: Google+, Facebook, or via email, at michael.glenn@devion.com

We Ran an Amazing, Respectable Campaign!

Election Results

Dixon really showed her true self this campaign season. From the hit piece filled with lies to the video of her saying “I vote for what is best for me” to the way she treated the man whose 8 year old son was killed by a contracted trash truck to her rambling Facebook videos that seemed to have no actual …

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TODAY is Voting Day!  This is the last day to vote to SAVE DOG BEACH, and we hear it will be a close one. Please vote for MIKE GLENN and to DUMP DIXON (see her atrocious voting record, here: www.dumpdixon.com) Share this with your friends to make sure they know where to turn in a ballot. YOUR VOTING LOCATION MAY HAVE …

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Newport Beach Assn. Of Realtors endorses Mike Glenn

Tag a real estate agent friend! I am proud to receive the unanimous endorsement up the Newport Beach Association of Realtors!   After my opponent: 1) voted to seize 850 docks in Newport Beach with the dock tax 2) advocated the theft of property rights by city government to shut down all the bars and restaurants on Balboa Peninsula at …

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Dixon Launches Ridiculous Hitpiece On Mike Glenn

Councilwoman Diane Dixon has launched a Hitpiece against political opponent, Mike Glenn, which hit mailboxes throughout the city yesterday. Dixon’s mailer contains an error, though: the entire mailer. First, let’s start with the front of it where she proclaims herself to be something great for Newport.  The photo she used?  Know where that is?  It’s Newport, Rhode Island.  That’s the …

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Don’t Forget to “Fall Back” on Sunday!

Remember that Sunday morning we set our clocks BACK by one hour, so that 1:59am actually happens twice in one day. Daylight savings has to do with energy savings, particularly in old factories.  By slightly adjusting the clock to account for the changes in the sunrise and sunset times, employers were able to save money on heating and electricity.  (Sorry, “Simpsons” fans: it …

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Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween, beachdwellers! Tonight is a special night and remains one of my favorite holidays, to this day!  Remember that some people still use “live” candles in jack-o-lanterns, so baggy-clothed costumes for the young ones need to be watched carefully to ensure they don’t get too close (and also so they don’t trip!).  Inspect all candy.  Smile.  Greet your neighbors. …

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Last Call for BrewCo on Sunday Night

After ownership changed hands earlier this year, BrewCo was on the slate for a possible remodel.  With the A/C broken and the underfloors flooding, it has become clear that a remodel is simply the only way to move forward for the owners. Along with the remodel comes a lot of improvements, though!  After the remodel, filtered, pristine water will now …

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Duffy Wishes to Clarify his Marijuana Ban & his Marijuana Grow

In an email, Politician Duffy Duffield told me that he wants to clarify his Marijuana Grow Operation. Politician Duffy claims that the only reason he partitioned his land to be a growing facility was to sell it off, that zoning it for pot grow increased the value, and that he totally, seriously, absolutely does not grow pot.  He just wants …

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