Black Swans Settle In To Newport Harbor… Again!

Rupert: The famous black swan of Newport, September 13th 2006 is was the last time anyone had seen one of the famous birds in Newport Beach, as it was run over and killed by the Harbor Patrol boat while responding to a call to a body in the bay.

In recent months, 5 more black swans have been seen, and they have been increasing in their exploration of the bay, seemingly becoming more comfortable with their new home in Newport Beach, far away from the usual home of black swans– Southern Australia!

While the origin of the new swans and the original swans are somewhat shrouded in legend, mystery, and people who don’t exactly want to be known for bringing in these birds, which are listed as “protected” in Australia.

The newest swans often flock together, but sometimes split off in a 2-and-3 group.  As black swans mate for life, this could very well be a pair that are particularly special to each other.

It is an honor and a joy to have these birds back in our beautiful harbor.  If you see them, give them a wave, and don’t take offense if they don’t like the prime rib you throw their way.  These birds are actually vegetarian.



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