Mike Glenn

Mike is the founder and publisher of Save Newport and Chair of Government Relations for the Elks Lodge. He writes, shoots photos, and edits, but much of the time, he's just "the IT guy". He can be reached at: Google+, Facebook, or via email, at michael.glenn@devion.com

You’re Gonna Want to Read this: Last Night’s Council Meeting was a Doozy

Last night, Newport Beach City Council had several hot items on the agenda: City Manager Dave Kiff’s retirement package and all the drama that came with that, the renewal of the Balboa Peninsula so-called-“Trolley”, and a rejection of the “sanctuary state” laws, which prevent Newport Beach from working with I.C.E. to deport undocumented/illegal immigrants. When I first arrived at the council meeting, I knew it …

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Dixon’s Downtowner-Crushing Bus Idea Set for a Re-Up Vote on Tuesday.

Remember when Dixon tried to pass the bus-painted-like-a-trolley last time– (all while insisting it was a “real trolley”, much like this “real zebra” in Tijuana)?  She was going to use taxpayer money to subsidize $22 PER RIDER, PER WAY transit from a private company.  All of this was done at the direction of a few of her friends near the …

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Yes, That was a 5.3 Earthquake You Just Felt

Did you feel it? At 12:30 this afternoon, an earthquake which immediately registered as a 5.3 sent its waves through Newport Beach.  The quake was centered at 33.844°N   119.716°W near Santa Cruz in the Channel Islands. You can find more updated information, here: http://scedc.caltech.edu/recent/Maps/Los_Angeles.html For more information about how to be prepared, check out our award-winning Civilian Emergency Response Team, CERT. Remember, if you have questions …

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Brewco Gets New Owners, Possible Revamping after Summer

Newport Brewing Company is in a beautiful spot, but it is oftentimes unseen from the street.  As entertainment businesses have been in a down-flux on the peninsula, BrewCo was hit particularly hard, just as the owner was setting himself up to retire. But just because he was retiring doesn’t mean the business is going to vanish!  On Monday morning, operators …

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Fentanyl Lab Bust by Balboa Pier, Massive Law Enforcement Presence

Hazmat Bust photo by Shawn Dewane

At about 1pm yesterday, Newport Beach police, Costa Mesa police, and federal agents– both in uniform and undercover– backed by Hazmat teams raided an apartment-turned-drug-lab near Great Mex on Balboa Peninsula for Fentanyl production.  Fentanyl is a powerful opioid that ranks somewhere between 50 to 100 times deadlier than heroin, depending on the batch. Residents reported a wide array of enforcement groups, including at least 6 …

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Old McDonalds Had a Crony Deal, E-I-E-I-O

Old McDonalds being torn down, photo by Buddy Feenstra

Today, destruction began on the old McDonalds property on Balboa Peninsula which was sold to the city of Newport Beach at a cost of over $4,000,000.00 to the taxpayers.  If you don’t think that’s excessive, take into consideration that just one year prior, it sold to “friends of the city” for less than $2,000,000.00. Why did the city buy this property?  …

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Rocket Launch Thursday @ 7:19pm

UPDATE: This flight has been delayed, with the next tenative time being at 10:19 a.m on Friday, according to https://www.space.com/32286-space-calendar.html  This will not be nearly the show that a 7:19pm launch would give– but it should be fun to watch, either way! Remember the SpaceX launch last year that created the picture seen above?  On Thursday, March 29 at 7:19:49pm, a Falcon …

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Dave Kiff Retires, and the Rumor Mills Hit Overdrive

I first met City Manager Dave Kiff back in 2013 when I originally considered running for office (at that time, I decided against it).  Our first meeting left me with a negative impression of him because he lied to my face.  However, in that first meeting, he also told me that he was going to begin winding down for retirement.  He continued to …

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Tick Tock: Newport is Insolvent; Broke in 7 years

As we had covered back in 2016, the ticking timebomb of unfunded pension liabilities– then, 9 years in the future– is just 7 years away.  Now, the OCRegister is finally taking notice.  State Senator John Moorlach penned this article, and if you remember he was the then-accountant who predicted the County Crisis many years ago, but was laughably dismissed then, just as …

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DUI Checks on St Patricks Day

The Newport Beach Police Department Traffic Unit will be conducting DUI Saturation Patrols for the St. Patricks Day Weekend, from Friday at 6pm through Sunday at 6pm throughout the city of Newport Beach– so be prepared for traffic delays. DUI Saturation Patrols are claimed to reduce drunk driving mostly by deterrent, but also serve to actively arrest those who are driving …

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