Original Pizza 2 is Closing (and Anchor Bar), Just 3 Years After OP1 Closed

We all remember the epic going-away party for a favorite pizza joint on the peninsula that spanned generations.  Yes, as Original Pizza 1 gave way to Taco Bell remodeling and reopening in their peninsula location, all eyes moved to Original Pizza 2, at 2675 Irvine Ave D, Costa Mesa, CA 92627– right by the Irvine Ranch Market near the Golf Course.

OP2– tied in with the Anchor Bar– operated there for many years.  Sadly, with the uncertainty of continued government shutdowns and the mandates by government during this SARS-CoV-2 outbreak, seeing the future of restaurants in general was just not clear enough to see through all the government regulations, which prevented management from making financial sense of their lease upon renewal time– which is right now.

OP2 will be open for one last hurrah, today beginning at 11am, and tomorrow beginning at 9pm.  Come for the pizza, stay for the fun.

Original Pizza is a legacy with a very big following and while they will be shutting down in the Newport/Mesa area… the part after the ellipsis seems to be “… for now”!  Rumor is that as soon as this virus stuff is over, we should hopefully see these family favorite recipes coming back online.  We certainly hope so, and will definitely let you know when and where they land.  But for now, come on down and support the living legacies: Steve K from the original OP family, Rudy who has helped him throughout the years (and who “Rudy’s” was named after), and all of their amazing staff.



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