Original Pizza’s Send-Off Party is a Once-in-a-Century Event

Original Pizza is sadly departing its location where it has made its “dough” for as long as anyone remember– but not without throwing a massive and the biggest goodbye party Newport has ever seen!  They will be throwing an open-air alleyway party just like the good ole days!  Beer and booze will served in outdoor alleyway bars, and– of course– pizza will be a staple in this 500-person event happening with the official blessing of the city for the first time in history.  The Newport Beach Historical Society will be setting up an exhibit of amazing McFadden Square archives on one of the alley walls, the Ben Carlson Foundation will have their table set up, live bands will be playing, and the tickets?  Just $25 per person, keeping it accessible to basically everyone.

The event starts Saturday, January 28th from 12-6pm.

Proceeds will go to a number of foundations including children’s diabetes, Environmental Nature Center, Newport Beach Film Festival and The Ben Carlson Foundation.

Tickets purchases are available here: http://www.thealumnicollective.com/originalpizzaafterparty — so book your calendar and share this with your friends, cause with tickets this low and events this awesome, this is going to sell out very, very quickly!

Special thanks to Steve Kalatschan, Mario Marovic, Alan Buchanan, and Arthur Jeppe for setting up this amazing event, and a huge shout-out to Original Pizza for their amazing history, beautiful building, and finding a great way to celebrate their time here on Balboa Peninsula– but don’t worry, you can always grab a slice of Original Pizza at their second location in Costa Mesa; a beautiful spot with an atmosphere that is truly unique.  Until then, grab a slice at the “original” Original Pizza.  There are only a limited number of days left of this memory!



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