Shamrock Re-Opening, Thanks to Local Help!

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The iconic Shamrock– the Irish-pub located on PCH– announced its closing on Friday, May 15th.  This news sent shockwaves through the community, as the Shamrock has become an unintentional reminder– and preserver– of the “good ole days” to many in Newport.

With current-councilpeople and former Mayors Duffy Duffield and Kevin Muldoon stepping up to the plate, the back-rent on COVID-19 shutdowns and many other issues have been more smoothed over than before, and it looks like the Shamrock may be able to pull through, if the community wants it to.

So how can you show their support?  Help them fill the financial hole caused by the shutdowns!  They have a GoFundMe set up here:, and perhaps more importantly, they have their grand opening scheduled, and they definitely need a good showing to help them pull through this rough time.

This Saturday, June 27th, at 11:30am, Shamrock will be opening its doors once again, and it needs all the support it can get.  So if you were bummed about missing St Patrick’s Day because of the shutdown– now’s your chance to celebrate at a real Irish bar with real Irish owners.

Yes, the Coronavirus is still out there, so please make decisions based on your own risk profile when doing anything– but if your risk profile allows for re-opening the Shamrock, then come on down, because the life-saving operations done by Kevin Muldoon, Duffy Duffield, Dan McNerney, Dave Ellis, and Ed Susolik have given this beloved icon a revived pulse and a new lease on life.

See ya there, this Saturday at 11:30?



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