Shamrock Announces Last Call

In a well-located bar with so many memories for so many people, the Shamrock announced that the impacts of government-forced closures for bars and restaurants for the last 9 weeks have forced it to shut its doors forever.  On Friday, May 15th, the pub announced the closure:

Last call:

It’s with a heavy heart and tears in our eyes we announce today that after almost 30 years of trade, The Shamrock, known for live music (no dancing), strong drinks, a good pub feed and mouthy Irish bartenders, is permanently closing after the impacts of COVID-19. Circumstances have prevailed and our lease which ends on May 31 will not be renewed.

There are no words to express the gratitude we have for our customers over the past three decades. So many memories, friendships and occasions to be celebrated, too many to count.

We sincerely appreciate that you have celebrated all of these moments with us… even if Frank told you to fuck off once or twice.

Of course, we don’t know what the future holds, but we will miss you all very much and promise to keep in touch with any updates.

Frank, Christina, Alanna, Sean, Jo, Tony, Derek, Michael, Roger, Nick, Ana, Rocky, Jordan and all of our other wonderful staff over the years.




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