Two Boat Parades for 4th of July, Flooding Throughout Peninsula, Closed Bars, Closed Beaches

Today, starting at 11am, there will be a boat parade celebrating the current President of the United States.

Following that, there will be the “Old Glory Boat Parade” by the American Legion Yacht Club at 1pm.

The beaches appear to be open as of this morning– although that could change at any time on this day that we celebrate our liberty from oppressive governments.  Chain linked fencing was set up last night in order to block access for today and tomorrow, and this morning, they were all zip-tied shut.  Judging by the zip-ties all over the ground, those didn’t seem to last more than an hour or so, and people began moving the barriers out of the way, because freedom is taken by people, never given by government.

After last Tuesday’s “Emergency Council Meeting” called by Mayor Will O’Neill of Newport Beach California, Mayor O’Neill decided to shut down the beaches in a 6-1 vote, with only former Mayor and current Councilman Kevin Muldoon voting against the illegal motion, which conflicts directly with the right of people to peaceably assemble, like our Constitution specifically guarantees us the right to do.  If you wish to protest this action, you can.  This writer protested on the beach itself this morning, and was not bothered by anyone. 🙂

Since the council vote to shut down beaches came last-minute, the City Works department spent all their time arranging for blocking people from accessing the public oceans and setting up the chain-linked fencing rather than building sand berms big enough to stop yesterday’s massive ocean swells– which, combined with high tides (predictable for 100 years in advance)– caused major flooding towards the end of the peninsula, from 12th Street to the Wedge, with a few blocks of dry, higher land in the middle, causing millions of dollars in damages to houses and cars.

Tonight, the swell will be even higher, and the tide will be about the same– so please, if are able to, protect your property with sandbags.  Depending on the swells and mitigation efforts by the city, flooding may begin as early as 5pm, and apparently chain link fencing doesn’t stop the ocean nearly as well as sand berms have done in the past.

Earlier this week the governor ordered all bars closed, and all restaurants closed for indoor dining.  Some “restaurants” are still open if they serve food on patios.  These include Woody’s Wharf, Helmsman, Malarky’s, The Peninsula, The Class of 47, Cruisers, and many more where you can grab a cold beverage of your choice.

Remember, freedom will never be given to you from the government.  It is something you must embody yourself.  That’s how our forefathers did it on July the 4th, and indeed the only way it has ever happened throughout history.

Be safe tonight, and remember: you are only as free as you believe yourself to be, so believe yourself to be free, regardless of what any other group may tell you.

Happy Independence Day.



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