Your Vote Counts
Your Vote Counts

SaveNewport’s Classically Late Voter Guide

We thoroughly read all the sides before deciding!

Here is our voter guide, this year:

President: you likely already know who you are going to vote for.

If you’re a Democrat, click here:

If you’re Republican, click here:

Congressional 48th: NO ENDORSEMENT — both candidates are all talk, empty promises, and zero positive action.

State Senator 37th: John Moorlach — I cannot endorse Moorlach enough.  He is an accountant by trade and *exactly* who we need in office.  I implore you to vote for him.

State Assembly: NO ENDORSEMENT (but if you are a Republican and have to vote, read this: )

Newport Beach City Council:
Will O’Neill, Brad Avery, and Jeff Herdman voted to close *your* beaches at *their* discretion– on the very day we celebrate independence from overbearing government.  O’Neill has no opponent.  Avery and Herdman do.  I recommend a vote for Scarborough and Blom.

Vote NO on all props.  Shocked about voting NO ON 22?  Read why, here:

Vote NO ON Z.  Read why, here:




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