2020 Initial Election Results

As the 2020 Election moves forward, voter recounts seem inevitable throughout the nation– but as of right now, there do not seem to be any serious calls to recount in Orange County, or any other county in California– so we feel we can safely report these *tentative* numbers.  It is important to remember that roughly one fifth of votes (an estimated 249,241 out of 1,301,828) remain to be counted, so virtually any of these results has a possibility of changing, and many with a probability of changing.  Mail-in balloting typically largely favors Democrats, for reasons that are unknown, but highly speculated on by Republicans.  California officially has 35 days left to count votes.

That being said, let’s get to the results we have so far, going from the top down:


– USA: Still awaiting data.
CA: California elected the Democratic nominee– to nobody’s surprise– 65.3% to the Republican at 32.9%.  The Libertarian Party received 0.9% of the vote and was the largest third-party contender.
OC: For the second time since the Great Depression, and second time in a row, OC went blue, again.  OC is now officially a blue county.  Democrats took the county with 53.95% to 44.24% Republican.  Libertarians took 1.01% in the county– slightly higher than the state average, and again the largest third-party
Newport Beach: While we are still awaiting the final tallies, it looks like Newport Beach overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump.  We will have these numbers next week, as the voting count changes quell.
It appears likely that the Republicans not only keep the Senate, but increase their count from 52/100 to 53/100 members.  Recounts will confirm or deny this. Republicans have controlled the Senate since 2015.

STATE ELECTIONS (view State; view OC)

Proposition 14: Bonds to Continue Stem Cell Research.
PASSED 51.1% Statewide
– OC voted 54.36% against
– Newport Beach (awaiting tallies)

Proposition 15: Property Tax to Fund Schools, Government Services.
FAILED 48.3% Statewide
– OC voted 60.85% against
– Newport Beach (awaiting tallies)

Proposition 16: Affirmative Action in Government Decisions.
FAILED 44.0% Statewide
– OC voted 65.10% against
– Newport Beach (awaiting tallies)

Proposition 17: Restores Right to Vote After Prison Term.
PASSED 59.1% Statewide
– OC voted 50.42% against
– Newport Beach (awaiting tallies)

Proposition 18: 17-year-old Primary Voting Rights.
FAILED 44.9% Statewide
– OC voted 64.16% against
– Newport Beach (awaiting tallies)

Proposition 19: Changes Certain Property Tax Rules.
PASSED 51.5% Statewide
– OC voted 50.20% against
– Newport Beach (awaiting tallies)

Proposition 20: Parole Restrictions for Certain Offenses.
FAILED 37.7% Statewide
– OC voted 58.05% against
– Newport Beach (awaiting tallies)

Proposition 21: Expands Governments’ Authority to Rent Control.
FAILED 40.3% Statewide
– OC voted 66.46% against
– Newport Beach (awaiting tallies)

Proposition 22: App-Based Drivers and Employee Benefits.
PASSED 58.4% Statewide
– OC voted 66.05% for
– Newport Beach (awaiting tallies)

Proposition 23: State Requirements for Kidney Dialysis Clinics.
FAILED 36.0% Statewide
– OC voted 67.59% against
– Newport Beach (awaiting tallies)

Proposition 24: Amends Consumer Privacy Laws.
PASSED 56.1% Statewide
– OC voted 53.68% for
– Newport Beach (awaiting tallies)

Proposition 25: Eliminates Money Bail System.
FAILED 44.6% Statewide
– OC voted 60.60% against
– Newport Beach (awaiting tallies)


State Senator 37th:
Rep Challenger Michelle Steel has the lead over incumbent Dem Harley Rouda with 50.42% of the vote
(EDITORS NOTE: With mail-in ballots, this has a high chance of flipping to a Rouda victory.)

State Senator 37th:
Dem Newcomer Dave Min defeats Republican incumbent John Moorlach with 51.82% of the vote

State Assembly 74th:
Dem Incumbent Cottie-Petrie Norris defeats Diane Dixon with 51.32% of the vote

Incumbent Dems keeping their seat: Linda Sanchez, Katie Porter, Alan Lowenthal,
Incumbent Reps keeping their seat: NONE

Flipped to Dem: NONE
Flipped to Rep: Michelle Steel beats Harley Rouda, Brian Maryott beats Mike Levin, Young Kim beats Gil Cisneros,

Open Seat Dem Victories: Lou Correa beats James S Waters,
Open Seat Rep Victories: NONE
Dem Total: 3+0+1=4
Rep Total: 0+3+0=3

Both of OC’s State Senate Seats, held by John Moorlach and Ling Ling Chang, have flipped to Dem, with winners Dave Min and Josh Newman, respectively.


Incumbent Dems keeping their seat: Sharon Quirk-Silva, Tom Daly, Cottie-Petrie Norris
Incumbent Reps keeping their seat: Phillip Chen, Steven Choi,

Flipped to Dem: NONE
Flipped to Rep: NONE

Open Seat Dem Victories: NONE
Open Seat Rep Victories: Janet Nguyen, Laura Davies,
Dem Total: 3+0+0=3a
Rep Total: 2+0+2=4


City Council District 2:
Incumbent Brad Avery defeats challenger Nancy Scarborough with 59.94% of the vote (42,109 ballots cast)City Council District 2:

City Council District 5:

Challenger Noah Blom defeats incumbent Jeff Herdman with 58.55% of the vote (42,187 ballots cast)

City Council District 7:

Will O’Neill had no challenger and write-in candidates are illegal and not-counted in California.  (35,971 ballots cast)

Measure Z: Passed with 55.24% of votes (41,847 ballots cast)



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