NHHS Wins National Championship!


Newport Harbor High School has just won the National Sailing Championship! NHHS Took first place by a very respectable margin in this years Sailing Competition. Congrats to all the sailors in this competition… …and a special congratulations to NHHS– the best school for sailing in the entire country!    

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It’s Time To Audit City Hall; No More Excuses!

Newport Beach City Hall and Bunnies, photo by Mike Glenn

Newport Beach’s City Hall is a building which produces no revenue and costs the taxpayers of Newport Beach well over a half-million dollars each and every month simply to pay down the debt created with its construction and payment plan. While the Irvine Company gave us the land for free, we managed to turn the “New City Hall Project” from …

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Banning Jet Packs in the Harbor?

Jetpack America

The Jet Packs in the harbor are cool– nobody is denying that.  However, should they be here in our harbor? Many boaters use the channel that they operate in, and some complain that the Jet Packs tend to be in the way, with newbie drivers flying and spraying seawater all over the place– so should they be banned? I think …

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“Mega Monday” brings Monster Waves

Newport Wedge by Sean Olsen

Today is the peak of the Big Swell, with the swell pushing in from dead-south, bringing 10-14ft waves to the big beaches and 20ft waves being generated at The Wedge– estimates which many claim are noticeably low. Last night’s swell overtook much of the sandbars in the area north/west of the Balboa Pier, creating a lake-like scene, shown here: The peak today will be …

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May Weather to Cause Swelling After Saturday (20ft wedge waves)

Major Storm Swell

The storm that we’ve been tracking for the last week is finally arriving this weekend– and we aren’t talking about boxing.  This Saturday through Wednesday we will see higher than normal swells, with the Wedge seeing waves up to 20 feet high. Monday or Tuesday will likely be the biggest waves, but we’ll start seeing major increases as early as Sunday morning, …

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SATURDAY: 25th & FINAL Annual Balboa Island Garage Sale 7:30am-5pm

Balboa Island

Saturday April 25th will be the final Balboa Island Garage Sale put on by Carolyn Carr-Kamps.  The tradition begins at 7:30am and will officially end at 3pm– though the ones who sell out of their goods will surely begin to close before that! It seems that everyone has learned the hard way here: Get there early!! Parking will most certainly be problematic so …

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An Easy Fix to Completely End Newport’s Water Crisis

California Water Drought

By now, you’ve heard about the water crisis throughout California.  For many reasons, our water supply is simply too low.  In Orange County, we have a reservoir that we pump most of our water from, but we are only allowed to pull 72% from the OC’s reservoir, meaning still need to import 28% of it from northern water supplies– the same supplies that …

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Council Approves Proposal Resembling a “Police State” in Balboa

One of the items in Tuesday’s City Council meeting was whether or not to add more police to Newport Beach’s Balboa Peninsula, which councilwoman Dixon has repeatedly referred to as having a  “crime problem”.  This is part of Dixon’s “Lights Out” proposal, and 1,746 signatures were submitted to show public disapproval.  All were summarily ignored by council. First, let’s start with the police …

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“Taste of Balboa” for the N2E Race Kickoff TODAY

A “Taste of Balboa” event will be held as part of the Newport to Enscenda annual sail race.  Located in the parking lot where Balboa Market used to be (on the corner of Palm and Balboa Blvd), this event is always a fun-filled and kid-friendly event.  Establishments new and old from all over the peninsula will be represented in their corresponding booths, …

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Lengthy Cracks in Road Less than 24hrs After “Completion”

Those of us who have poured concrete more than once in our lives know that there are a number of things you need to get right while doing the job.  The most obvious is smoothing, but you also need to make sure that it doesn’t dry too quickly, that the mix is correct, that it is deep enough to support the …

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