Magician Gives Free Show to Honor Restaurant Industry Workers

On November 23– three days before Thanksgiving– magician Jack Velour will be giving thanks to restaurant workers, hosting a free, full-length magic show to honor those who have served our community on the front lines throughout the pandemic.

This appreciation event is the first and only free show Velour has ever offered, which shows just how much he appreciates (and likely relates to) those who interact with the public on a daily basis, and he will even be reaching into his own pocket to buy the first round of drinks on him.

Velour wrote to us “We’ve seen all the appreciation to our medical professionals who care for us when we get sick, and that is well-deserved. But what about the people who care for us when we are well? Front-line workers in restaurants put their own health on the line every day to ensure that our experiences on a daily basis are fun, memorable– and delicious! It is an honor to perform for those who give so much, so often”

So tag your favorite server, bartender, restaurant owner, or host, and give them a tip about this show!

If you work in the restaurant industry–or know someone who can take you as their date– you can grab your FREE tickets at– But act fast as capacity is limited.



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