Crab Cooker, by Chris Buecheler
Crab Cooker, by Chris Buecheler

Crab Cooker hits Major Construction Delays; Will Not Re-Open in Summer

You’ve all noticed, and all wondered as you’ve driven by:

Yes.  The Crab Cooker has hit some very major construction delays.

The Crab Cooker, an iconic Newport Beach establishment, had their last day open on September 2nd of 2018, and was torn down on September 20th, 2018, caused by the Vue construction crew knocking it off of its foundation.

This construction delay was due to the city’s sewage line not matching up with the plans, a source close to the matter tells us who has asked not to be named. These delays have so-far caused a whopping 2 months of running, total standstill. For those of you in construction, you know that people aren’t going to sit around and “not work” for two months– they’re going to find other jobs that are active.

So to the back of the line, they go, and they are working to get green-lit again, where it will then await the construction crew to finish the job.

Currently, the beloved Crab Cooker has been re-scheduled to open at the end of 2019.



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