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Fire on Saddleback Mountain

If you look in the skies above Newport towards Saddleback Mountain, you have probably seen the– oh, yep, you just saw it. That plume you see is a massive fire at Holy Jim Canyon on Saddleback Mountain. It’s a bit outside of Newport but it definitely could affect us if the wind changes with its smoke. With one of the …

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Political Donations Released for Q2 2018

As the political scene for 2018 heats up, political figures and PACs throughout our city are heating up. NOTE: At this point, Diane Dixon has NO COMPETITION for the November 2018 election in District 1. PLEASE let me know if you would like to file against her.  I have pulled preliminary papers for that district (meaning: I have filed to …

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Lido Bridge Jumper: Arrested!

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department has arrested the Lido Bridge Jumper, 27-year-old Costa Mesa resident, Cody Green. Cody Green was taken into custody outside of his home in Costa Mesa at 12:15pm yesterday, Friday August the 3rd, after receiving the case from the Newport Beach Police Department on July 31st. Cody Green is accused of jumping from the bridge on …

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Nobody is Running Against Diane Dixon. Want to Run for Council?

Dixon Budget

At the time of this publishing, Diane Dixon is running unopposed for district one yet again. It is shameful for any politician to run without any opposition, as it strips the voice of the public to voice dissent or opposition. The process to run takes takes just a few minutes to fill out paperwork, and then collecting 40 signatures to support …

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City Tells “Bird” Scooters to Get the Flock Out

Bird Scooters by Steve Moses

Birds– the popular scooter that landed in Newport Beach last weekend– suddenly vanished Tuesday morning. One citizen commented on social media that she had emailed Councilwoman Diane Dixon, who assured her that “the City, Code Enforcement and the NBPD are on it!”— the next day, the scooters had vanished.  I called representatives for Bird to ask what happened, and they said …

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OC GOP Endorses Diane Dixon

Last night, the Orange County Republican Party endorsed Diane Dixon, who– while she has voted in favor of some very specific tax reductions for herself and her friends– has voted for every single tax increase that she has ever been able to vote on.  She advocated government taking over businesses in the private sector (like killing the Downtowner), seizing property …

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“Bird” Scooters Flock to the Balboa Peninsula

Photo by Steve Moses

This weekend, hundreds of electric scooters were dumped in “nests” throughout Balboa Peninsula without any announcements or previous marketing to the area.   Friday night, about 50 arrived in the 32nd street area, and by noon on Sunday, over 200 were launched throughout the peninsula. Immediately, there was much confusion about how to use the things, but the process is very …

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City Moves a Lifeguard Position to Top of Lido Bridge. Seriously.

Well, we all knew that good things weren’t meant to last. Since the event of the kid who intentionally jumped onto a boat and injured two women occurred, the city is now taking serious action to stop people from fulfilling a generations-long Newport tradition: Jumping from the Lido Bridge. Starting yesterday, July 26, the city has put a lifeguard on …

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Dog Beach Raided… on Independence Day (This time, under Mayor Duffy Duffield)

In an unbelievable turn of events, 2018-Mayor Duffy Duffield has picked up where 2016-mayor Diane Dixon left off: Having police attempt to close Newport’s last remaining Dog Beach, which has been operating as such for 101 years, this year. By conducting a coordinated raid with County agents, Newport PD and OC officials blazed through sacred doggyland with firearms at their …

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Kid Jumps from Lido Bridge and Hits Boat

We’ve all seen them jumping, and many of us have made the leap ourselves from the Lido bridge.  We all knew it was only a matter of time before someone decided not to use a spotter, and landed on a boat. Yesterday at 2pm, someone landed on a boat. From the perspective of the woman taking her boat out on …

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