Dog Beach Raided… on Independence Day (This time, under Mayor Duffy Duffield)

In an unbelievable turn of events, 2018-Mayor Duffy Duffield has picked up where 2016-mayor Diane Dixon left off: Having police attempt to close Newport’s last remaining Dog Beach, which has been operating as such for 101 years, this year. By conducting a coordinated raid with County agents, Newport PD and OC officials blazed through sacred doggyland with firearms at their …

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Kid Jumps from Lido Bridge and Hits Boat

We’ve all seen them jumping, and many of us have made the leap ourselves from the Lido bridge.  We all knew it was only a matter of time before someone decided not to use a spotter, and landed on a boat. Yesterday at 2pm, someone landed on a boat. From the perspective of the woman taking her boat out on …

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The Heatwave Continues… for Two More Weeks!


With the average high in Newport coming out at 72 degrees, these last few weeks teetering in the upper 80s (and even breaking 100 in some areas) has been sweltering– especially for a population that doesn’t often have air conditioning. But if the forecast from is correct, we aren’t going to have much of an escape for the next …

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HUGE Waves at Wedge Tuesday and Wednesday!

Newport Wedge by Sean Olsen

Today, Surfline is reporting a forecast of at least TWELVE FOOT waves at the Wedge… so you know what that means!  The structure of The Wedge often double those sizes, and is sure to attract a ton of tourists– especially during the summertime– so if you want to check it out, consider a rideshare or riding a bike. The Swells are huge, …

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To Protect and… “Serve”? Javiar’s Tip-A-Cop Event on Monday

Each year, the Newport Beach PD hosts a fundraiser called their “Tip-A-Cop” event (I like my title above better!).  Police employees will serve as “celebrity” hosts and servers at Javier’s (7832 Pacific Coast Hwy) on Monday the 23rd between 5pm and 9pm. So why are they serving? Does our PD need second-jobs?  No, they are raising money for the Special Olympics right …

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Signs About Ben Carlson Get Neighbors Upset- CASH REWARD

Photo shot by Jon Pedersen

Just before the 4-year anniversary of Lifeguard Ben Carlson’s on-duty death, someone began posting stickers in the Newport Heights area, advertising for a “Did Ben Go?” show, supposedly hosted by a “Dr Haish Baum”. So, we did what we do best: We dug. First, there is nobody by that name registered to vote in Newport Beach– nor in the entire …

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Epic Rocket Launch at 5:12am on Friday!

UPDATE 12:50pm 7/18: We regret to give you the update that this rocket launch has been delayed by nearly week.  The next scheduled launch date is not until Wednesday, July 25th.  The launch time has also changed to 4:39am, which means that liftoff will be occurring too long before sunrise for the rocket exhaust to be illuminated by the sun. …

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CHP Does Emissions Stops Outside of NHYC

Yesterday afternoon on West Bay Avenue in front of the prestigious Newport Harbor Yacht Club, the California Highway Patrol was stopping cars at random for “Smog Compliance Tests”.  These stops are done supposedly to get emissions data for future auto standards. It is important to note that these stops are completely voluntary– so if you have gotten in your car …

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Do You Park Overnight on Public Streets? LAST DAY TO VOTE TO KEEP IT.

PLEASE SHARE. This is your final chance to vote keep it legal to park on the streets overnight in Balboa without getting a paid permit from the city, as the city is trying to ban it.  We covered in detail here: The reason for this?  Here: How to stop it?  Print this out, here: Fill it out, then mail it, …

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Flood Warning, King Tides TODAY

Flooding by Catalina Kurt

Streets flooded during highest tide in decades, just as the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) issued a Flood Advisory until 11pm on Saturday. Yesterday, the prelude to King Tides may have been showing up the King Tides themselves (scheduled for today) with a swell from Hurricane Fabio. Yesterday’s tides were scheduled to be 6’7– not small by any stretch, but …

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