As Football Season Starts… What the Heck Happened to Rudy’s?

As Football season starts, I hope you are all gearing up to join me in rooting against the Jags! 🙂

I know many people made a tradition out of going to Rudy’s for football, but now Rudy’s has been closed— and what a wild ride Rudy’s had.  After it was “DPs”, there was a guy whose name was actually Rudy.  He ran a great establishment.  The rumor is that he hired an entertainment guy, and deep within the contract was a legal trick which ultimately resulted in the handing-over of the entire business to someone that frankly nobody ever liked.

The new owner took over, and ran the business into the ground, but not before many allegations of him behaving inappropriately and explicitly with employees came around, and not before he burned dozens of people who worked for him for their paychecks.  And not before he stiffed even more people as vendors for theirs.

New buyers came up, and he sold them the business.  What he didn’t tell them, though, is that he also owned the building, was going into bankruptcy, and also that he just so happened to have sold the liquor license to someone else, which was the key for the new owners to being able to operate.

So as the bank foreclosed on the building, the new owners lost their lease– and therefore, also lost the business that they had just paid someone for.

Today, it is being held by “Liberty Fund, LLC” out of Agoura Hills, CA, as the below document details:

It’s a sad state of affairs for one of the most notable sports bars on the peninsula for decades.

Where’s your favorite go-to sports bar in the area?



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