Rudy’s Has Closed

UPDATE FROM RUDY’S OWNER TODD CARSON: Rudy’s has not been sold! We are simply remodeling. If it was sold we would have to transfer the liquor license! Please know what your talking about before you publish! You need to retract that entire article immediately !!!

For years, rumors have circulated that Rudy’s was “closing in two weeks”.   As the restaurant declined in popularity, top talent was routinely poached by competitors due to the competitors more reliable patronage (and tips!), and as the experienced wait and bar staff was replaced by loyal newcomers, the popularity declined even further.  During these situations, often the quality of food begins to suffer, and the problem with popularity and therefore top staff is exacerbated further.  This is what is known as the “death spiral”, and is nearly impossible to recover from.

By all accounts, Rudy’s fought on in their fight for far longer than expected– but those many years of predicting closure came true on Tuesday of this week.

As of Wednesday, according to sources, Rudy’s has sold to a new owner and there are already construction crews inside the building, as you can see by the cover photo, the whole place is getting gutted and remodeled.

Of note is that the original owner is retaining the building, and only reportedly sold the business portion of the two to the new owners, and they will be acting as his tenants.  (Todd Carson has told me that he did not sell the business)

As of this writing, I am told that the expected reopening is next Saturday (editors note: this seems unreasonably quick to us), and we are unaware of who the new owners are or what the new concept will be, but it is rumored to be a tropically-themed remodel with a curved bar heading the top of the establishment and a focus less on full meals and more on tapas.

Do you have any additional info on this location, sale, or future?
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