Crab Cooker, by Chris Buecheler
Crab Cooker, by Chris Buecheler

Last Call for the Crab Cooker! (Closes this Weekend)

If you like your clam chowder with a side of “Don’t Look Up Here”, get it soon, because the Crab Cooker’s last weekend is coming up.

The easily-identifiable fish market and resturaunt has been open for 67 years, with one manager there for 50 years and some of their waitresses for over 40.  This weekend, though, the business will be closing for a complete– and involuntary– remodel.

During the construction of “The Vue” condos next door (the ones that were heavily rumored to be behind attempts to shut down Woody’s Wharf), one piece of heavy equipment caused such damage to the Crab Cooker that the foundation has never been able to be repaired, and the only way to do it is to tear the entire building down and restart from scratch.

The new plans for the building will be a 2-story, red-painted building with green awnings– very similar to what is there today, except a bit larger.

The founder, Bob Roubian, passed away in December of last year from a heart attack on December at age 91.  Bob was a fascinating guy, with a fascinating life.  He was a first-generation American with a mother from Sicily and a father from Armenia who fought in WWII as a Seabee in the Navy.  He was a carpenter, painter, musician, sculptor, and even wrote songs for major record labels.

His son-in-law, Jim Wasko, will be overseeing the remodel.  The remodel/rebuild is expected to take a full year to complete, but if you still get the cravings in the meantime, you can also visit their Tustin location.

The Crab Cookers last day is Sunday, September 2nd– just 5 days away– so get your friends, get your table, and get your clam chowda!



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