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The city is giving us an opportunity to voice our opinions on the infamous bus design which the city expected to cost taxpayers $22 per ride, each way, per person— is already running 2x over-budget.

This socialized business will compete unfairly against our current free ride system, the beloved Downtowner and the taxpayer-funded trolley will then only operate in the summertime.  THERE IS STILL TIME TO STOP IT.

Please click here:
then type in your email,
write “NO BUS” in the “other” section,
scroll to the bottom and click submit.

The city has put this out with only two days of survey time left on the survey— so please sign today!

Once the city releases the numbers they will have to release all options.  If we can get “NO BUS” to the #1 result, they will need to report that and deal with it.  This alone could be enough to stop the project in its tracks.  Please sign this and share with your friends to prevent yet another local and locally-owned business from being competed against thanks to out of touch government officials.

(Plus, the Downtowner a great business– and who doesn’t like the peninsula-wide free rides they offer?)

Also, please sign our petition to STOP THE BUS, here:



UPDATE @ 3:30pm THIS IS CONCERNING: The city has actually REMOVED the “Other” option that was previously there– no doubt because the feedback they were getting was not what they wanted, so they decided to silence the citizens by modifying the exact form on which they asked for citizen feedback.

This is not good government. To say the least.

Please, email the city council at to express your concerns with them muting the citizens of Newport Beach and preventing us from giving feedback on the very form they asked us to give it on.

UPDATE @ 4:22pm The problems with the “Other” option on the site have been resolved.  We are still awaiting feedback as to whether or not data was destroyed in the process.



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