William B Sinks after Fire Takes her

This morning around 2:33am a sound like a gunshot was heard from the William B. and firefighters were dispatched to the boat, a storied 76-foot wooden tugboat that was built in 1942. The boat was moored between Bay Island and Newport Harbor Yacht Club, and is a favorite among locals and tourists alike.  After 5 hours of battling, the fire was extinguished at …

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Happy Halloween!!!

Photo of a Sand Pumpkin

Happy Halloween, beachdwellers! Tomorrow night is a special night and remains one of my favorite holidays, to this day!  Remember that some people still use live candles in jack-o-lanterns, so baggy-clothed costumes for the young ones need to be watched carefully to ensure they don’t get too close (and also so they don’t trip!).  Inspect all candy.  Smile.  Greet your …

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Candy Boutiques to Warm up Your Sweet Tooth

If you’re looking for something more than just the same ol’ M&M packages this Halloween, check out: – “Balboa Candy” on Main St in Balboa – “Too Sweet” on Balboa Island at the corner of Balboa and Marine Ave – “B.CANDY” in CdM off Jasmine and PCH. Nope, I’m not getting paid for this. Just reminding everyone in the candy …

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Will O’Neill files to Run for Council

BREAKING: Will O’Neill, Newport Beach Finance Commissioner, has filed to run for City Council in District 7.  His intent is to run against Fred Ameri. After appointing O’Neill to the Newport Beach Finance Committee, Councilman Duffy Duffield said, “Will is a fiscal conservative with a keen ability to analyze complex issues and develop common-­‐sense  solutions.  I’m impressed that he already helped …

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City Council to Hold Vote on Roving License Plate Readers, Increasing Taxes, and Decreasing Parking

Town Hall, stock photo

Tonight the Newport Beach City Council is set to hold a vote on “Balboa Parking”– so what’s the big deal? Well, currently in Balboa (as with 99% of the rest of the city) you can park on the road.  This is particularly important for an area of town where garages were built to house Ford Model T’s, as those garages are simply …

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Blackies 9th Annual Halloween Surf Competition

Photo of Jarred Olson by Tom Cozad

This Saturday the 24th will kick off the 9th Annual Halloween Surf Competition by Blackies.  Officially, the kickoff starts at 7am, but many people arrive about 30 minutes earlier for the festivities and costume show-offs.  In the past, the kids to arrive have received prizes.  Prizes are also awarded for the costumes. Typically, the party lasts a couple of hours, until …

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Meteor Shower TONIGHT!

Meteor Shower

TONIGHT and tomorrow night are the peak nights to watch the Orionids meteor shower!  Actually, it will technically be early Thursday and Friday morning– but you get the drift!  The waxing gibbous moon will be out the during the evening hours, but it will set before the prime time viewing hours. Halley’s comet is actually to blame for this series of …

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A Tough Week for Newport

I have intentionally steered very clear of doing anything like obituaries or memorials or anything else, because of the door that leaves open… But this last week in Newport has been a real doozy. Pat Wall, a longtime bartender Blackies and friend to everyone he met, passed peacefully in his sleep last week.  On a personal note, Pat was one of …

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Beaches Closed Due to Shark (10th-44th)

The beach from 10th to 44th street in Newport is closed, due to a hammerhead shark sighting.  Initially skeptical of the reports, the shark was later sighted by lifeguards, who opted to close the beach shortly after it was reported at approximately 10:45am, according to the Daily Pilot, who included this photo, taken by an unknown bystander: Though authorities were …

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El Nino Brings Poisonous Ocean Snakes to California

California isn’t known for poisonous sea snakes, but El Nino waters have brought the Yellow Bellied Sea Snake as far north as Oxnard (by Santa Barbara).  If you see this snake, do not handle it, as it is a rare snake that is highly venomous. Please see a map of their normal habitat areas, here: These sightings mark the first time …

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