Red Tide is Back, in Newport Harbor!

Red Tide happens a lot, but the Lingulodinium polyedrum bacteria isn’t always present in them.  This time, it’s there, and that’s the cause of the Red Tide Glow were on display in Newport Beach Harbor last night.  The bioluminescence event was happening last night in both the harbor and the oceanside shoreline, bringing beautiful waves to life with the classic “blue hue” that red tide events are known for.

Usually, Red Tide only lasts between 3-5 days, but in 2020, we had Red Tide last seemingly forever.  It is unknown how long this current Red Tide occurrence will last.

@patrickc_la had a great Instagram clip of it when his friend and dog took a swim in the harbor, here:

Red Tide is mildly toxic to fish, isn’t good to ingest or get into your eyes, and if you bathe in it, it can itch like fiberglass if you let it dry on you.  So if you go against the recommendations and decide to “glow up”, take a rinse off right afterwards.

Until then, enjoy Mother Nature’s beautiful show!



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