President Trump Visiting, Bike Ban Vote Postponed, Meteor Shower
President Trump Visiting, Bike Ban Vote Postponed, Meteor Shower

Trump’s Visit, Council Still To Vote on Bike Ban, and Upcoming Meteor Shower

This weekend, Trump visited the Newport Beach home of Oculus co-founder and billionaire Lido Isle resident, Palmer Luckey.  A “Mega MAGA Boat Parade” was launched, but the secret service enlisted local authorities to keep significant distance from the house– at least four rooftop snipers included.  The Beach Boys played– minus Brian Wilson.  Streets, sidewalks, and the harbor were overflowing in all directions.   Trump reportedly picked up a cool $12 million from the event, and jetted off to Reno.

The official presidential schedule for Sunday (with regards to Newport Beach):
– The President departs Las Vegas, NV, en route to Santa Ana, CA (10:30 AM)
– The President arrives at John Wayne Airport (11:30 AM)
– The President departs Santa Ana, CA, en route to Newport Beach, CA (11:40 AM)
– The President arrives at Private Residence (11:55 AM)
– The President participates in a roundtable with supporters (12:30 PM)
– The President delivers remarks at a fundraising committee reception (1:00 PM)
– The President departs Newport Beach, CA, en route to Santa Ana, CA (1:30 PM)
– The President arrives at John Wayne Airport (1:45 PM)
– The President departs Santa Ana, CA, en route to Reno, NV (1:55 PM)


We would like to extend our sincere apologies for getting the date incorrect on our last Bike Ban post.  The meeting did not occur at the Tuesday council meeting, but Mayor Will O’Neill assured us that making the boardwalk pedestrian-only was most certainly coming back for a vote soon.  We will let you know as soon as that occurs.  We recommend speaking at each council meeting with your opinions on this ban until it comes up for a vote.  You can also email council at to tell them what you think.  It is worth noting that Mayor Will O’Neill– while speaking for the city and its routines– has given zero indication of his support to the Bike Ban, so don’t take this particular item out on him.

Here are the people who want to ban ALL BIKES (not just eBikes) from the boardwalk:
– Diane Dixon (running for State Assembly; she led the charge, as you can hear/see in the videos)
– Brad Avery (running for council re-election)
– Jeff Herdman (running for council re-election)
– Joy Brenner (up for re-election in 2 years)

It is our understanding that some of these four members are outright lying to the public and saying that there is no bike ban coming.  Here it in their own words, here:

And here:


Finally, one of the cooler meteor showers of the week is happening now, and will peak in a few days.  Get out just before dawn if you’d like to catch a few, but we will do a full report on that, and its peak date of 30/hr, on tomorrow’s edition 🙂



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