Trump Visiting, Trump “Mega MAGA” Boat Parade, Trump Fundraiser on Lido, Beach Boys Playing at the Turning Basin(?)

Sunday at noon, at Palmer Luckey’s house on Lido Isle (Luckey is of Oculus fame), there will reportedly be a fundraiser for Trump, and Trump himself is reportedly visiting.  UPDATE: Confirmed@12:21pm via Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) System.  Trump will be visiting.

Our weather department has forecasted very, very heavy traffic with a chance of light to moderate protests.  Peninsula residents already know well what traffic can get out here on a normal sunny day.

There have been conflicting reports as to whether or not Trump himself will be attending (UPDATE: Trump will be attending), but the Beach Boys themselves are rumored to be playing at noon there, too, and a large military boat is said to be parked outside. UPDATE: This vessel is Luckey’s personal craft

A Trump “Mega MAGA Rally” is planned for the day, doubtlessly flooding the harbor with boats from Newport and surrounding cities.

This event is scheduled for Sunday at 11am.


What we know:

– Trump “Mega MAGA Rally”: 11

– Trump Fundraiser at noon

What we don’t know, but may happen:

– Trump may attend

– Beach Boys at the Lido Turning Basin (maybe?) at noon

On a personal note, this writer asks that you please be courteous with your on-board speakers and general volume if there is indeed a free Beach Boys concert, guys and gals.  But once they stop playing, please do let freedom ring as per normal.

I have a feeling this weekend is going to be a bit chaotic on the harbor.  Stay safe, have fun, and enjoy!



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