Boat Parade in Newport Beach TODAY

Today, beginning at noon, there will be a “TrumpTilla” boat parade. Needless to say, those who don’t like Trump will probably not be interested in the parade, while those who eschew politics and those who support Trump may find this very cool.

Last time this group organized a parade, it reportedly broke records with 1,064 boats at the time, dwarfing all previous “Boat Parades” set up by the Newport Chamber and the City of Newport, proving once again that people don’t need government to throw parades.

Today’s event will begin on the north side of Lido Isle at noon, and run counter-clockwise through the bay, with viewing points staged throughout, including the Liso Isle Park, the park near the American Legion, and who could resist taking a ferry through the boat parade?

It’s always good to see the boats out on the harbor. Happy last weekend of summer!



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