3rd Annual Scuba Cleanup, Saturday– Balboa Island Parade, Sunday!

A reminder to all that this weekend is a packed one for Newport!

Tomorrow at 7am from the Balboa Bay Club will launch the 3rd annual Bay Cleanup.  If you’d like to participate from land, they are still looking for help– please check https://nhunderwatercleanup.com/ for more info on how to volunteer.  If you are a certified underwater diver, things are booking up fast!  Let’s see what we can uncover from the bottom of our beautiful bay this year– check out the above link to see how to register, also.

And who can forget the 26th Annual Balboa Island Parade?  That’s happening Sunday on Balboa Island beginning at 11am, but arrive early, because the bridge will close at 10:45am– don’t fret, it’ll reopen at 12:30pm.  In the meantime, the only way on or off the island will be the ferry– or swimming– so plan accordingly!




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