HoSum Bistro is BACK, starting Monday!

After the fire in June of 2016, HoSum Bistro has undergone plenty of challenges– mostly to do with governmental hurdles– in getting everything back up and running.  But finally, after nearly 18 months of governmental red tape and countless dollars spent on construction, the establishment is ready to open its doors again on Monday and give you the HoSum Chicken Salad you’ve been dreaming about eating again for over a year and a half!

The establishment has managed to retain nearly their entire staff, but the layout is new and it’s been a while, so have patience with them as they open up and hit the standard hurdles of any new place– the wait will have been worth it for their famous salad dressing!

Whats the first thing you’re going to order?  http://www.hosumbistro.com/menu.html

(NOTE: Some people have reported seeing it look open already.  We cannot confirm any soft-opening dates, but we will be poking our head in this weekend, just in case we can sneak in early! 🙂 )



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