Local Food News

Lots of local food news today!

First, today At Wienerschnitzel you can grab $0.56 hotdogs all day today.  This is to honor their 56th anniversary, and will include both of their two top-selling dogs, the mustard dog and the chili dog, which normally sell for $1.49 and $1.69, respectively.  There is a limit to 10 per guest, so if you want to practice for the next hotdog eating contest… bring some friends.  More info here: http://www.wienerschnitzel.com/hot-dog-lovers-favorite-party/

And you can wash it all down with a free small Slurpee from 7/11 today, too

Second, the place where all the Anteaters loved to eat and drink, the Anthill Pub & Grille on the UCI campus, has announced it will be closing at the end of this month.  The contract for their location goes out to bid every 10 years, and apparently they were outbid.  This is extremely sad for all the people who frequented the large and open establishment, and where so many had their first legal drink.  This was also one of the rare places in Southwest which had Pliny The Elder on tap.

Keeping with the fat-filled theme of today’s local food news, if you are a fan of Krispy Kreme, you can get a dozen glazed donuts for 80 cents on Friday.  Well, technically if you buy a dozen you get the next dozen for 80 cents.  Why 80 cents?  Same reason as above, silly: It’s their 80th birthday!

So if you aren’t scrambling to get a bite to eat for less than a dollar, pay the guys over at Anthill a visit.  They were blindsided by this decision to move, and they need to figure out what to do in literally 20 days.

Plus… they have Pliny the Elder on tap.



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