Council Considering Banning Electric Vehicles on Boardwalk

We’ve all seen ’em.  Speed-racers on the boardwalk.  From skateboarders to rollerbladers to bikes to Segways to scooters.

The one thing they have in common?  No, not that they’re electric.  It’s that they’re speeding, silly.

Well, instead of enforcing the speed limit, Newport Beach is going to electric ban propulsion systems, instead.

That’s right, Diane Dixon’s Bike Ban proposal ( from 3 years ago is back– just as she begins her campaign for higher office.

When asked at the last meeting why they just don’t enforce the speed limit, the answer from staff was “we don’t have enough police to do that”.  I hope our readers let that one marinate for a while: They don’t have enough enforcement to ban the speed-limit-breakers, but apparently *do* have enough enforcement to ban *all electric vehicles*, most of which are not breaking the speed limit.

The next step, according to Dixon in her May 2017 Townhall, is banning bicycles also, and making the boardwalk a walking-only boardwalk.

If you would like to speak out against this bike ban, please view tonight’s meeting on your TV or at at 7pm with your phone fully charged so you can dial in to the access number at the appropriate time.



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