ocean 24th street lifeguard rescue truck

Body Pulled from Ocean near 29th Street

This morning at about 8:36am, SaveNewporters Joey Maioriello and Erin Hendricks and others reported a helicopter circling the area near the 29th Street area, over the ocean.

Reports were that rescuers had located what appeared to be a lifeless body about 100-200 yards offshore, and loaded it directly onto an Orange County Sheriff’s boat, with both Newport Lifeguard boats also responding.

While unconfirmed through official sources, eyewitnesses said that the victim appeared to be a young person wearing blue and white board shorts.

The boats packed up and began their journey back to the harbor at about 9:15am.

An 18-year-old British tourist visiting Newport with his family was recently lost on our shores near Tower 24 at 7:15am on July 1st. He was reportedly wearing a mask, snorkel, fins and board shorts when he was last seen.  It is unconfirmed whether or not these two events are related.   Our thoughts are with the British family, and with everyone who has recently lost someone to the powerful ocean.

Please respect the rip currents and the immense power of waves each time you venture into our neighborly but completely wild climate, our ocean.  Recently, the Newport Beach City Council deemed July 6th to officially be Ben Carlson Day– a lifeguard who lost his life to rough waters nearly 5 years ago on July the 6th.

A huge thank you to our lifeguards for helping to save countless lives– as of 3pm on July 4th alone, they rescued 55 people and took 2,247 preventative actions (such as moving oceangoers away from rip currents), according to the Orange County Register.




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