Newport’s International Film Fest (20th Anniversary!) Starts Thursday!

Starting on Thursday the 25th is Newport’s internationally known Film Festival, this time, breaking into its second decade and celebrating its 20th Anniversary!

Living here, it’s easy to dismiss hyped up things as “just more local news”, but this is a really big deal!  Centered around the historic Lido Theater but having most other surrounding theaters also participating, the event kicks off tomorrow with the Opening Night Gala, a $175-per-person event where people dress up and mingle, talking about movie business and movies– old and new.  This year, the gala itself will be held at Fashion Island.

The last few years have featured local hits such as Dirty Old Wedge and Take Every Wave, but it’s not all Newport, either!  Film enthusiasts from around the world will be there tomorrow night for all aspects of a wide variety of movies, presentations, talents, and skills.  The rest of the movies at the festival are geared towards so many different movietypes it would be impossible to go into detail about all of them all here, but hop on over to their official site and see what pulls you in!  The entire show listing can be found here:

The festival will continue each night until Thursday, May 2nd which is always a night to remember.

So kick back and enjoy one week of our famous film festival (that was harder to say than “Irish Wristwatch”!), as it will be kicking until the final show and closing ceremony on May 2nd at 10pm until 1am!



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