No plans on Friday? How about Cruiser’s Second Annual Casino Night?

Most everybody knows the building of Cruisers if they haven’t been to Cruisers itself.  The old Shorehouse, the old Dillmans– that same feisty spunk is alive and well in the pizza-slinging joint famous for it’s copper-topped “circle bar” and it’s outside beach-themed game patio.

And tonight, it is kicking everything up a notch with a full-blown Casino Night.

From poker to roulette, you can get your Vegas on with the thin crust pizza that they are famous for.

The money isn’t real, but the Vegas dealers are!

Here’s a video of the last time– turn the sound down, because someone nearby seems to have gotten picked up on the audio in 4D!

More restaurant happenings coming soon… Still catching up on the news cycle since the election, and sorry for the late articles! 🙂



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