The Bay has Seen a Flurry of Fish Jumping This Year… Here’s Why

If you think the jumping fish this year in our harbor have been particularly active… you aren’t alone!

Most people know that fish typically jump out of the water when being chased by prey.  This reaction also jump when they sense something is wrong– earthquakes, boats that start up unexpectedly nearby, or even to knock that barnacle off their side.

But this year our bay has seen mullet fish jumping like nothing anyone can remember for the last few decades, jumping 3 and sometimes even 4 feet high before landing on their sides.

What’s causing this?

Well, you may be disappointed to know that this mullet-jumping craze is likely soon to end.  As our waters have been unseasonably warm this summer– with nearby bodies of water setting record-breaking temps– some of these fish have actually learned to jump to quickly cool themselves off and catch a breeze.

As we enter the winter months (tell that to the 80 degree forecast today!), our waters will inevitably cool– but if you’ve been on a boat or have been watching the bay, you’ve undoubtedly seen a huge increase in jumping this year, and there are still a few more days to sit by the water and scout for them, if you’ve got the time!

But fret not: after checking with the Newport Beach Police Department, we have confirmed that there are zero recorded incidents of these fish jumping from the Lido Bridge onto Duffy boats.



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