Election Results
Election Results

We Ran an Amazing, Respectable Campaign!

Dixon really showed her true self this campaign season. From the hit piece filled with lies to the video of her saying “I vote for what is best for me” to the way she treated the man whose 8 year old son was killed by a contracted trash truck to her rambling Facebook videos that seemed to have no actual content or message. A politician, true to form.

I am not opposed to running again, and I am proud of my efforts this campaign season. She spent $100,000 on lie-filled hate mailers, illegal sign placement, sign theives, and Lord knows what other immoral things in order to cling to her position because her votes were so bad that was the only way to defend herself from a guy who spent $800 on Mike Glenn signs.

Congratulations to politician Dixon, whose sister was a councilwoman in Costa Mesa (before she ran for Congress), whose husband was a full time politician in Los Angeles, and who moved down here 6 months before filing for office, completing the political family dynasty.

While I was hoping for a win, obviously, my underlying measure of success was whether or not I exceeded the 31.5% of the vote I received last time– and that, I did.  I received 40% of the vote for a total cost of $800– or about $20 per percentage point.  Dixon received 60% of the vote for $100,000, or about $1,666.66 per percentage point.

Also up for city council election was Peotter vs Brenner, and Brenner– a grassroots candidate– took it by a landslide.

Mayor Duffy Duffield is currently down in the early reporting polls but the rest of the votes remain to be counted.  Tim Stoaks remains in the lead, but this race could last a while before it is finalized.

And Kevin Muldoon soared through at nearly% approval vs Roy Englebrecht, also a grassroots candidate.

Measure T passed overwhelmingly with 80% voter approval, requiring politicians to get voter approval before taking out more than $50m in Certificates of Participation– the types of junk loans that funded the city hall debacle.

Our congressman Dana Rohrabacher is currently down in the polls, but, like Duffy, may overcome that when the (typically party–line) absentee and provisional ballots are counted.

If you have questions on other races, the results will be updated each evening at 5pm, here:


Thank you all so much for all of your overwhelming support.  This time around, we simply didn’t reach as many people as we needed– but if there is a next time, hopefully there will be a wider audience.

And the good part about this election being lost?  Dixon will undoubtedly provide us with 4 more years of limitless content as she continues to raise taxes, continues to raise spending, continues to get us more into debt, and continues to give her friends crony deals.  So here’s to another 4 more years of content!





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