Last Call for BrewCo on Sunday Night

After ownership changed hands earlier this year, BrewCo was on the slate for a possible remodel.  With the A/C broken and the underfloors flooding, it has become clear that a remodel is simply the only way to move forward for the owners.

Along with the remodel comes a lot of improvements, though!  After the remodel, filtered, pristine water will now be used in their brewing processes, rather than the water from the Newport tap.  The new brewpub will likely be called “The Seafarer”– but that is subject to change.  The feel will be one of a nautical brewpub– think British Pub meets West Coast.  Dart boards, shuffle boards, and an elevated pubgrub menu will give the place a non-pretentious feel.  If you have been to the Stag after its expansion, you notice that even the “new” parts feel like they’ve been saturated with 100 years of local soul.  Don’t expect the same Stag feel– but expect the same attention to detail for the nautical version of our local brewery.

The reopening should be happening sometime pre-summer– March, April, May– all months in-play for the grand opening.

We will miss the old BrewCo, as we’ve watched many of our favorite games there.  The good news?  Memorabilia is up for grabs!  Now don’t go stealing it off the walls, but if you see something you want, the owner has asked me to contact him with lists of who wants what.  Everything– literally, everything is on the table.  Take a photo, and email me at “michael.glenn@devion DOT com” and I’ll make sure you are put in touch with the proper people.

Change is sometimes hard to watch and we will definitely always both miss and remember the original– but we’re also looking forward to the BrewCo 2.0– until then… I’ll see you there before Sunday, for sure 🙂




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