Brewco Gets New Owners, Possible Revamping after Summer

Newport Brewing Company is in a beautiful spot, but it is oftentimes unseen from the street.  As entertainment businesses have been in a down-flux on the peninsula, BrewCo was hit particularly hard, just as the owner was setting himself up to retire.

But just because he was retiring doesn’t mean the business is going to vanish!  On Monday morning, operators from The Lounge Group which owns other peninsula establishments such as Malarky’s, Stag, and Dory Deli completed the purchase of the business and are planning on breathing a new and invigorated life into it.  The new owners tell me they are happy to accept the “passing of the torch” with one of Newport’s most unique food and drink venues.

First on the list is completing some deferred maintenance on the property, but other than that, don’t expect any sweeping changes soon.

The new owners, who include Malarky’s co-owner Brent Ranek (a 35-year bartender on the peninsula, and retired lifeguard), Andrew Gabriel, a third-generation Newport local who is co-owner of Dory Deli, and Mario Marovic, patron of BrewCo since it opened, a hands-on bar/restaurant owner and Newport Beach resident.

The owners tell me that they plan on simply running a tighter ship, re-establishing earlier opening hours (and more getting people working!), and making world-class beer that Newport’s first micro-brewing company has been known for.

So don’t look for any sweeping changes, but look for the weeding out of what doesn’t work, and the promotion of what does.  An exciting chapter for the peninsula… and personally, I can’t wait to try some of the new beers!




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