Lido Bridge Jumper: Arrested!

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department has arrested the Lido Bridge Jumper, 27-year-old Costa Mesa resident, Cody Green. Cody Green was taken into custody outside of his home in Costa Mesa at 12:15pm yesterday, Friday August the 3rd, after receiving the case from the Newport Beach Police Department on July 31st.

Cody Green is accused of jumping from the bridge on Lido Isle and intentionally jumping onto a Duffy boat with two females under the canopy ( on July 24th. The metal rods holding the canopy crumbled under his weight, smashing the heads of the boaters. (

He was arrested and charged with assault and felony vandalism.

After the Boat Crashing Incident, the City of Newport Beach began stationing lifeguards on the Lido Bridge to prevent future jumpers, ending at least three generations of fun for locals. (

Cody Green’s name surfaced after questioning other acquaintances of his who knew of his involvement.

If this had been a 12 year old, perhaps some merit could be given to the “young and stupid” argument, but Green is pushing 30 and playing fast and loose with the lives of others. It is our hope that this message is sent home with him via sentencing.



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