If You live in Balboa, You Should Vote Now

Throughout the last 3 weeks, Mail Campaigns have been sent to property owners and residents inquiring about voting for or against creating parking passes for street parking, prohibiting users from having night-time visitors park near them unless the City approves of them.

If you live in the area, you know how much of a pain this will be for you.  If you live closely outside of this area, then you know that everyone who doesn’t have a parking pass will be squeezed into parking in your zone, turning a mild irritant into a parking crisis for those in the adjoining areas.

According to the City Charter section 12.68.030(D), the poll must cover “the majority of the residents adjacent to the proposed zone”.  This means that absentee property owners do not get a vote, according to the City Charter, but all residents to (whether registered to vote or not).  It also means that if you have more than one resident in your household, then your household gets one vote per resident– not one vote per household– even though the city only sent one ballot to each household.

IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED A BALLOT YET, please print and mail the ballot attached here: http://savenewport.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Cast-Ballot-1.pdf, and fill in your name and address in the proper spot, and mail it BY FRIDAY THE 13th to:

Community Development Department
City of Newport Beach
PO Box 1768
Newport Beach CA 92658

There is a very simple method to conducting a vote, and we could have simply put this on the November Ballot, but the city always seems to find the most expensive way of doing everything.  In this case, we have hired people to flyer cars with ballots, mailed them to addresses multiple times (but oftentimes missing many households in their entirety), had meetings where ballots were received and counted, and many “community outreach” programs.  These, obviously, resulted in people voting multiple times.

This time (supposedly) will be the final vote– and that is why it is the most important.

If you are wondering why the city is pushing this so hard, simply read yesterday’s article, here: http://savenewport.com/2018/07/10/city-council-taking-vote-to-block-balboa-residential-streets/

(Yes, the city says it is okay to mail multiple ballots to the city, even though they didn’t send enough to residents: http://savenewport.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Print-Multiple-Ballots.pdf)



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