Newport Beach firefighters dance in their Dare to Dance Video for Finley Smallwood. The 90-second video had been viewed about 5,000 times in 48-hours. (Photo courtesy of the Newport Beach Fire Department)

Councilwoman Dixon Holding Town Hall tonight on Firestation Move

The public is invited to Councilwoman Dixon’s Townhall Meeting, tonight at 6:30 at Mariner’s Park.  Topics will include the moving of the extremely controversial Fire Station.

In addition to this, she plans to cover the Flashing Crosswalks which we were promised an update on in June after many months of public protest.  Presumably, she will tell us whether or not we will get them– and where they will be.

She will also cover the Balboa Bike Ban, which she is now denying that she is doing.  If you have any questions as to the truth of this, simply watch the 22 minutes of it what the city staff was instructed to study, on item #SS3, here: and tell me whether or not they even mention electric bikes whatsoever during the staff presentation to council.  (Dixon has previously done public surveys on the reaction to banning bikes entirely)

She will also cover the FEMA Floodzone status and the Peninsula Trolley Update, likely proclaiming that taxpayers shelling out 3x more for than an Uber is a great thing.

I encourage you to read up on these, watch the videos, attend, to ask objective questions, and not to accept obvious and outright lies as answers to fair questions which should be answered fairly.



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