Campaign Disclosures Coming this Week

Tomorrow is the deadline for city council officials to turn in their work, so let’s look at how they are doing so far, and who they face as opponents going forward:

First, a comprehensive list of everyones financial disclosures can be found here:

Our city council candidates who have filed early are:
Brad Avery:  who has over $16k cash on-hand with $0 debt

Kevin Muldoon (running in 2018):  who has over $17.5k cash on-hand with $0 debt

Jeff Herdman (running in 2020):  who has about $3.5k cash on-hand with $0 debt

Will O’Neill (running in 2020): who has over $21k cash on-hand with $0 debt

Mike Toerge (running in 2018 against Scott Peotter):  who has about $7k cash on-hand with $0 debt

Lee Lowrey (no current plans to run again): who has about $1k cash on-hand with $0 debt

Tim Brown (no current plans to run again)  who has eleven dollars and an outstanding debt of about $12k

Newport 1st“:  who has about $16k cash on-hand with $0 debt

Line in the Sand:  who has about $30k in the bank

Scott Peotter is rumored to have about $35k on-hand, and Dixon and Duffy are both mysteries until they file their paperwork later this week, but if any incumbent is planning on running in 2018, if they don’t have about $20k in the bank account at the end of this week, they will basically be seen as a complete joke.

Don’t worry– when all the reports are finally released, I’ll be doing a recap and naming everyone’s donors– just like last time.



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