Campaign Financials Released for Councilmembers and Candidates

About two weeks ago, official financial statements were released for councilmembers and those seeking the office of Council.

You will notice the following people contributed to multiple campaigns:
Saunders Property – Dixon and Petros
Craig Batley (Burr White) – O’Neill, Dixon, Petros
Great Scott Tree Service (yes, the infamous landscapers who killed the bird nest on Balboa Peninsula) – Muldoon and Dixon
Bob McCaffrey – Muldoon and Dixon
William O’Neill – Dixon and Muldoon
(edit: a previous version said O’Neill had donated to his own campaign– he has not)
Paul Watkins – Dixon, Herdman, O’Neill
David Blum (Northmarq) – Dixon and Petros
Fuentes Strategic Consulting – Petros, Muldoon
Tim Busch (The Busch Firm) – Duffy, Dixon
Todd Pickup (Plus 4 Management) – Duffy, Dixon, Muldoon
Tim Strader – Petros, Muldoon, Dixon
Ware Disposal – Muldoon, Dixon

Want all the gritty details?  Want no more… recognize any names?

Dixon, District 1 – Jan – Jun 2015 – Raised $7,546

Key Donors:

David Bahnsen / Morgan Stanely Wealth Advisor
David Blum / Loan Broker Northmarq Capital
Brakke Schfnitz Insurance Brokers
Judy Brewer
Brooke Coldren
Steven Ecinimos
Executive Suite Development International
Michael Flower / CEO MDM Corp
Patrick Fuscoe / Fuscoe Engineering
Erwin Gutenkunst / Neolithic Designs
Hall & Foreman
Hensley Realty Corp
Hacienda Realty Jameson Company
Gabby Kaufman / Brakke Schnafitz
Law Offices of J Peter Gyben
Mark Company
Virginia McCully / Fidelity Title
MDO Capital Investments
John Saunders / Saunders Property
Shopoff Land Fund II
Tim Strader / Star Pointe Ventures
Michael Tanner / Pacific Southwest Realty
VA Property Group
Jane Wilson

Dixon, District 1 – July-Dec 2015 – Raised $12,700

Key Donors:
Baric & Associates
Craig Batley / Burr White
Carolyn Bivens
The Building Industry Association of Southern California PAC
Tim Busch / The Busch Firm
CL7 Communications
Steve Cooley
Howard Cork / Newport Conservancy
Kimberly Consenza / First American
Leslie Daigle / Former Councilmember
Roger DeYoung / DeYoung Investments
William Dildine
Great Scott Tree Service
Scott Hart / Political Consultant
J Scott Souders PAC
Antoine Khoury / Importer
Joanne Kozberg / Consultant
Bob McCaffrey / Activist
Richard J Meyer / Asset Management
Shruti Miyashiro / CEO Orange County’s Credit Union
Charles Moran
MVE + Partners
Cathleen Ann O’Neil
William O’Neill / Council Candidate
Brian Ouzounian / Ouzounian Constructors
Paul S Meyer Corp
Southside Towing PD Transport
Todd Pickup / Plus 4 Management
Janet Ray / Developer (wife of Walkie Ray)
Susan Riddle / American Airlines Flight Attendant
Surfer Building LLC
Joseph Tompkins Jr / Sidley Austin LLP
Jean Walker / Attorney
Judith Ware / President of Ware Disposal
Paul Watkins / Attorney
Douglas Wood

Petros, District 2 – Jan – Jun 2015 – Raised $7,097

Key Donors:

Inland Group, Inc
Carlson + Jayakumar, LLP
Tom Foss / CEO Griffith Company
Michael Capaldi / Attorney
James Nelson / CPA
Sublime Promotions
RJR Group
David Blum / Northmarq
Jeanette Justus
WHA, Inc
David Evans + Associates
MVE + Partners
Michael Recepero
Fuscoe Engineering
Uptown Newport Jamboree
Shopoff Land Fund II
John Cordas
JM Burnstine Company, Inc
David Taussig + Associates
Gromet + Associates
F. Scott Jackson

Petros, District 2 – Jan – Jun 2015 – Raised $11,821.32

Key Donors:
Committee for Improved Public Policy
Lyle Overby
Coastal Commercial, Inc
Fuentes Strategic Consulting, Inc
Bral Realty Advisors, Inc
Baja Sharkeez
Mark A Ford
Brent Ranek / Malarkys
De La Rosa Maintenance Contractors
Virginia McCullen
Patrick Strader Law Offices
Coldren Law Offices
Burr White Realty
David Blum
Brakka Schafnitz Insurance Brokers
Law offices of Peter Gyben
Hensley Realty Corp
Barry Hoever / Westpoint Properties
Landmark Custom Landscape
Searles Co LLC
Mike Tanner / Real Estate Finances
Pat + Jolynn Mahoney / West Coast Arborists
Tim Strader / Starpointe Ventures
Inland Group Inc
Darrell Hoover / Renaissance Commercial Real Estate
John Saunders / Saunders Property Co
David Bahnsen/ Bahnsen Group
The Whitaker Professional Corp

Duffy, District 3 – Jul – Dec 2015 – Raised $2100

Key Donors:
Tim Busche / The Busch Firm
Todd Pickup / Plus 4 Management
Betty Storch

Muldoon, District 4 – Jan – Jun 2015 – Raised $14,300

Key Donors:
Republic Services, LLC
Kevin Martin / International Bay Clubs
Devon Martin
Richard Pickup
Todd Pickup / International Bay Clubs
Natalie Pickup
Bob McCaffrey / Activist
Bob Rush / US Realty Group / Activist
Shawn Steel / Attorney
Inland Group, Inc
Tim Strader
Jay Ware / Ware Disposal
Lori Nguyen Insurance Agency
Regal Court Reporting, Inc
TJ Fuentes / Fuentes Strategic
Marc Kleiman / Province West
Mike McClellan / Attorney
Steven Guzowski
Callahan & Blaine, APC
Great Scott Tree Service, Inc
Daniel Livingston
Curtis Ellmore
Scott Hart / Political Consultant
Carter Ford
Jennifer O’Neill
William O’Neill / Council Candidate

Muldoon, District 4 – Jul – Dec 2015 – Raised $500

Key Donors:
James Parker / Port Calypso

Selich, District 5 – Jan – Jun 2015 – $0


Selich, District 5 – Jul – Dec 2015 – $0


Peotter, District 6, Jan – Dec 2015 – Raised $250

Key Donors:
Buck Johns / Inland Group

O’Neill, District 7, Jan – Dec 2015 – Raised $24,567.63

Key Donors:
Greg Allen / First & Third
Melissa Allen / Boeing
James Ardaiz / Attorney
Justin Atkinson / Attorney
Craig Batley / Burr White
Marvin Baxter
Tyler Beas / Attorney
Jesse Bolling / Attorney
Garry Bredefeld / Psychologist
Mitchell Bredefeld / Raia-Bredefeld
Angela Bruno / Attorney
Kim Chase / Attorney
Erin Clark / Teacher
Matt Clark / Attorney
Andrew Gilmour / JD Gilmour & Co
Deborah Gilmour
John Harris / Harris Farms Inc
Laird Hayes / NFL Referee
John Heffernan / Attorney
Brad Hill / CA Judge
Roger Hughes / Hughes Group
John Hurlbut / Attorney
Stephen Kane / Justice
Phil Kohn / Professor
Blake Matzen / Actuary
Jackie Matzen
Jennifer O’Neill
Kathleen O’Neill
Lawrence O’Neill / US Judge
Robert O’Neill / Smith Auto Parts
Kenneth Parker / Attorney
Scott Pollard / Attorney
Alan Ross / Attorney
Greg Smith / Attorney
Daren Stemredel / CA Organic Fertilizers
Jake Vollebregt / Attorney
Paul Watkins / Attorney
Eric Wershing / Attorney
Katheryn Wershing / RN
Katie Wersching
Wendell Randy Wersching / Building Inspector
Trevor White / CA Judge

Ameri, District 7, Jan – Dec 2015 – Raised $15,100 (plus a 40k self-loan)

Key Donors:

Hooshang Dalavarian
Bijan Ameri
Abco Realty + Investments
Parvis Bahadori
Bahram Eslami, MD, Inc
Commercial Cooling Par Engineering, Inc
Akbar Ghahremani / Romani Real Estate, Inc
Amir Homayoun
Bruce Katirai / Persco, Inc
Sharo Khastoo / Pelican Realty Management
Ahmed Khosrowshashi
M. Darani MD, Inc
Hooshang Niku
PCI Management, LLC
Cyrus Razmara / CEO AETL
Fera Rezaee / Omnivest Properties, Inc
Setico, Inc
Vida Shakoori
Mohsen Sharif / Comm Pros, Inc
Darynsh Valaneiad / Douglas Development Group
Goli Ameri / CGE
Nasrin Martin / ZSquare Solutions
Errol Mathieu / CPA
Gharoon Panahi / Physician
Quantum Press
Hassan Rahnavardi
Ali Razi / Stratham Group
Cyrus Ameri / Experian North America
Steve Choi / Mayor of Irvine
G. Yeganeh / LPI, Inc

Herdman, District 5, Jan – Dec 2015 – Raised $16,450 (plus a 20k self-loan)

Key Donors:
Anette Giermann
Donald Mariscal
James Dunlap Jr
Ken Yonkers / Merril Lynch
Don Abrams / Realtor
Paul Watkins / Lawyer
Matt McCormick / Add-On Computers
Joanne Speers
Randy Pastor
Rush Hill / Architect & Former Mayor
Richard Mays, DDS
David Girling / Harbor Commissioner
John Cunningham
Steve Anderson
John Kensey
Terry Janssen
Theodore Cooper
Ed Smoot
Paul Blank / IT Director UC
Mary Pat Earl / Realtor
Walter Richardson
Mary Dirk
Pat Dirk
Keith Curry / Newport Councilman
Shirley Pepys
John Banker
Pauline Godfrey
Peggy Marotta
Deanna McIntire
Dorothy Munroe
John Currough
Mike Buettell
James Dunlap Jr
John Bergenfeld
Pat Culpepper
Penn Post
Joel Markss
Jean Watt / Activist
Mariellen Bergman
John Davies
Craig Peskind
Paul Ricatto
Basil Witt
Nancy Watkins
Helen Tuppen
Steve Conklin / Yorba Linda Water District
Antoinette Cole



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