Surf’s Up! …Waaaaay Up!

Hurricane Eugene is sending its regards with a heavy medium south swell rising up from the south!  The South Swell began arriving today and will be hitting in full Tuesday and Wednesday

High tides today (Monday) are at 11:32AM and 10:20PM
High tides Tuesday are at 12:07PM and 10:54PM
High tides Wednesday are at 12:45PM and 11:32PM

Estimates from Surfline are that the waves will be about 8ft in normal waters with big waves at 10ft, and the Wedge will do its magic.  We all know what that means!

Remember, with big waves come equally big Rip Currents, so warn others of their presence and know how to identify them and deal with them. (

Above all, have fun safely in the water, or from the shore and please don’t be the one that needs rescuing, our lifeguards are sure to have a full day already!

Whether you will be on shore or in the water– enjoy your sets!!



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